Dakine Compression Bags for Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling

Dakine Compression Bags for Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling

Today Aaron takes a look at a product he's been using for a long time, the Dakine Compression Bag. They used to come in multiple sizes for your different kite sizes, but now it's one size fits all. What does Aaron think about that and, more importantly, will these bags let him fit his entire quiver of three North Carves into a single Carve bag?

Dakine Compression Bag Features

The bag is made from a heavy duty nylon that holds up surprisingly well as a daily driver. It's a simple bag with only the features you need to keep it as light and compact as possible. This makes it great for travel. Your kites will pack up small and fit into your travel bag much better than with the bag that came with the kite.

It's got a drawstring closure at the top and four cinch straps on the sides to compress the kite. On the back is a messenger-style strap so you can sling the bag on your back for the trip down to the beach. There's also a place to write any information you want: your contact info, kite size, etc. It's pretty basic, but that's the point.


These bags are intended to store one kite each. If you fold your kite properly and take the time to get all the air out, you'll be able to save quite a lot of space compared to the stock backpack your kite came in.

While this bag used to come in different sizes, having one size doesn't add much weight or bulk, and it ensures that every bag will fit every kite, even up to a 17m.

Bonus Benefits

These plain black bags won't attract any additional attention as they sit in your car. No one will be able to tell if you've got the latest kites from a premium brand, so it may make your gear less attractive to theft.

For those of you with over-attentive accounting departments at home, you may also find that these bags can mask unauthorized purchases.

Will It Fit?

So, just how much space can these bags save? Can you fit a whole quiver of Carves into the largest kite's backpack?

Sadly, no. Even two was a bit snug. You may have better luck with your brand's backpack, but it wasn't going to happen with this one. But it will still make it easier to pack your golf bag for a trip.


Aaron swears by these compression bags and has used them on a daily basis for years. If you want to save some space or simply be a little more discreet about what you've got, this could be a great solution for you.

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10th Apr 2024 Aaron Johnson

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