Ryan Goloversic Shop Bio

"RyGo" Ryan Goloversic


Weight - 162
Riding Style - Wakestyle occasionally waves 
Instructor - I still teach every now and then. 

Dream Quiver - This changes about every two  to three months. I test a lot of kites, at this point I could adapt to any gear. I suppose if I had to pick one, I'd do the Cabrinha Switchblade paired with a 142 CBL with a hard shell harness. It would handle any conditions, I could travel with a 2 kite quiver and the CBL would work at cable parks in a pinch. 

Favorite spot to ride - Nothing beats the quite dawn sessions at Pier Marquette in Muskegon. For about a two hour span, the wind is as smooth as Brazil and no one else is out in the slick. Beyond that, I really enjoy the Lagoa de Óbidos in Portugal. Neither of these are hot spots or the most consistent. They are quite and I get time to myself with the people I care about most. 

Favorite Quote - This.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0

Hopes for future - To pursue my craft, enjoy my health and push myself beyond my current abilities and beliefs. Right now that entails being the best content producer I'm capable and progressing as a kiteboarder. 

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or waves? Slicks are my favorite but I do enjoy waves almost as much when I get them
  2. Boots or straps? I prefer boots. Sometimes it's fun to get flexible in some foot-straps!  
  3. Burger or Burrito? Wet bean burrito, extra onion, extra tomato, no meat, guac & sour cream. 
  4. Warm or windy? A little ice never hurt anyone.  
  5. Coffee or energy drink? Two cups of coffee and some hot lemon water.