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Send the Crew a Beer! 

When you think back on your online shopping experiences throughout the year, do you find yourself suddenly and inexplicably daydreaming about those hours you spent on the phone with Aaron, phrases like "stoke", "you know this", "brother", and "we're always here to help" swirling through your consciousness? Aaron Johnson with the goods. Insert keg?Or maybe Nate's sultry voice, with a Don Draper smoothness that seems to lull your credit card out of the safety of your wallet like a pied piper of sorts. Or maybe it's one of the other myriad personalities at the shop - Steve with his old guy relateability, that feeling of polish that you get from Jake M, Brad and his exuberance for all things Liquid Force and Foil - that have the words MACkite bringing a smile to you face. 

If that happens to be the case, say thanks this season by sending the crew a six pack! We're here again to help, this time to help you jumpstart your New Year's resolution to be more generous. Every gift will be followed up with a posting to Facebook of the crew enjoying it with a shout-out to the generous benefactor, so if you wish to remain anoymous mention it in the comments. 

This is made in jest, but if you do contribute to a six pack we're going to be totally stoked (another Aaronism). Thanks for the great year everybody, and we look forward to a even better 2017! 

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