What Makes the 2024 Duotone Neo SLS Stand Out? A Detailed Look

What Makes the 2024 Duotone Neo SLS Stand Out? A Detailed Look

Revolutionary Design Upgrades for 2024

This year, the Neo SLS is not just another kiteā€”it has undergone significant transformations:

  • Wider and Squared-Off Wingtip: This allows the kite to flex and open up instantly when backline steering pressure is applied. The result? Lightning-speed and reactive steering initiation.

  • Straighter Hybrid Flex Tip Struts: Coupled with a reduced angle of attack, they strike the perfect balance between sheeting force and steering force. Especially when paired with the redesigned wider wingtip, they help in reducing the drag on the wingtip.

  • Shorter Depower Stroke and Enhanced Efficiency: With the new design changes, the kite powers through turns more efficiently. You'll experience faster steering, speedy flight through the wind window, and even under hefty loads, that signature direct and cozy bar feel remains untouched.

Introducing Pentatex: The Material Revolution

If the design changes weren't impressive enough, the Neo SLS features the game-changing Pentatex material, a cornerstone of the kiteboarding industry's future.

  • Strength Beyond Measure: Pentatex bests Dacron with a strength that's five times superior. This impressive strength makes the Neo SLS extraordinarily responsive and swift.

  • Weight Reduction: A significant reduction in the kite's weight means heightened responsiveness. The incorporation of Pentatex in the Leading Edge and Center strut provides increased rigidity, translating into a sharp, lively bar feel.

Performance Unparalleled

Here's where the Neo SLS truly shines:

  • Agility and Power Generation: The weight savings and distinct properties of Pentatex offer the Neo SLS unmatched agility. Even in light wind conditions, its power generation is nothing short of exceptional.

  • Drifting Abilities: Neo SLS has great drifting capabilities, solidifying its position as one of the top choices in wave kites.

25th Sep 2023 Aaron Johnson

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