Ride with Blake | Mistral Sessions and Updates from Sardinia, Italy

Ride with Blake | Mistral Sessions and Updates from Sardinia, Italy

Blake from MACkite here! My apologies for the lack of updates over the past few months. I've been dealing with some injuries and recovering from a torn ACL meniscus. I've been traveling all over, and then I ripped my nose off after passing out from exhaustion and traveling too much, so I'm excited to get back to it!

I'm in Sardinia, Italy, and I'm about to go for a Mistral heavy wind wing foil session with my friends Gregor from Holland and Chiara from Italy. I'm heading to the beach to meet up with them. The wind is super strong, gusting to 60 plus knots, so we'll see how it goes and have some fun!

We've been chasing the wind all day. It's been too windy, but we finally found a spot here and we're going to go for a session out of Olbia.

We had an amazing session out there. It's extremely gusty. This was actually one of my very first sessions without any work where I got out there and just rode for fun. I had a blast. I definitely have some work to do on my knees after my ACL meniscus surgery, but it's great to be back here making these updates. It was a great day, I love Sardinia, and it was an amazing spot. Thank you all so much for everything and stay tuned for more. Cheers!

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7th Sep 2023 Blake Olsen

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