Eleveight CS Auto Bar V1 Overview

Eleveight CS Auto Bar V1 Overview

Understanding Eleveight's Legacy

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the CS Auto Bar V1, it's crucial to appreciate the brand behind this innovation.

Eleveight Kiteboarding is a renowned brand in the kiteboarding industry. The brand is recognized for its technical product design, which is driven by a passion for kiteboarding and a commitment to innovation. Eleveight's products are crafted with precision, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Their focus is always on product performance, ensuring that kiteboarders, whether beginners or professionals, have the best equipment to enhance their experience on the water. The brand offers a range of kites tailored for different kiteboarding styles and conditions, ensuring that every kiteboarder finds the perfect kite for their needs.

Eleveight has consistently demonstrated its dedication to quality, innovation, and performance in the kiteboarding arena. The CS Auto Bar V1 is yet another testament to their commitment.

Performance Features of the CS Auto Bar V1

Intuitive Four-Line Bar with Single Front-Line Safety: The CS Auto Bar V1 is designed with an intuitive four-line system, ensuring optimum single front-line safety. This feature offers riders a seamless experience with enhanced control.

Automatic Untwist Function: Say goodbye to manual adjustments. The bar's automatic untwist function facilitates easy rotation, allowing for smoother transitions and maneuvers. We especially appreciate this feature when boosting big kitelooops and when downlooping in the surf. Your lines will always be untwisted and ready for your next move.

Square Dual Cavity Tube: This unique design integrates the depower and safety line, ensuring a streamlined and efficient kiteboarding experience. At the same time, the tube protects your lines from additional wear and exposure to the elements.

Redesigned Quick-Matic II Release System: Safety is paramount in kiteboarding. The Eleveight CS Auto Bar V1 boasts a revamped Quick-Matic II release system, now featuring a new top swivel. This ensures quick detachment in emergencies, enhancing rider safety and confidence in critical situations.

Thermo-Coated High-Precision Lines: Made in Germany, these lines are not only precise but also durable. The thermo-coating ensures longevity, making the CS Auto Bar V1 a long-lasting investment.

Why the CS Auto Bar V1 is a Game-Changer

Optimized Performance: The combination of the intuitive four-line system and the automatic untwist function ensures riders experience peak performance every time.

Universal Appeal: Whether you're a novice or a seasoned kiteboarder, the CS Auto Bar V1's features cater to all skill levels. Available in two sizes:

  • Small 48cm | 4-10m Kites
  • Large 53cm | 8-17m Kites

Safety at the Forefront: With the redesigned Quick-Matic II release system and the single front-line safety, riders can have peace of mind during their sessions.

The Eleveight CS Auto Bar V1's Place in Your Gear

In the vast world of kiteboarding equipment, the Eleveight CS Auto Bar V1 distinguishes itself with its advanced performance features. If you're considering an equipment upgrade or just starting out, the CS Auto Bar V1 promises to be a valuable addition to your kiteboarding quiver.

20th Sep 2023 Aaron Johnson

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