2024 Reedin DreamStick X V2 Control Bar | Overview With Nick Baines

2024 Reedin DreamStick X V2 Control Bar | Overview With Nick Baines

Pat and Nick Baines from Reedin are at King of the Great Lakes Test Fest, and they're taking a few minutes to chat about the new 2024 Dreamstick X V2 control bar. What's new? Is it the right bar for you?

Quick Release

Nick: The Dreamstick X V2 is by far our best-selling product worldwide, and we have some good improvements for this year. We're sticking with the same seat belt quick release since it works extremely well.

Autoswivel Solution

Nick: I think we have one of the best self-untwisting bars on the market. We use ceramic bearings, and they're actually exposed down near the flagging line. Since it's outside of the chicken loop, it's easy to dunk it and wash it clean, so the sand comes out easily.

Pat: That's nice. On so many other bars you can feel that grinding.

Ergonomic Grip

Nick: We have an ultra skinny bar. It took me a few days to get used to it and I wasn't sure about it when we first came out with the control bar two years ago, but man, it fits in the hand comfortably. It's ergonomic and has these grooves for your fingers to fit into, so it's a really comfortable ride.

Pat: I feel like the small diameter is a bit odd for people to get used to at first, but once you get on it, it's super comfortable and you feel right at home on the bar. We sell a ton of these bars because so many people use them for different brands.

Nick: Yeah, even if you use a kite that has knots on the back lines, it's easy to switch the pigtails around, so it converts easily.

Light Weight

Nick: This control bar comes in at less than a kilogram; I think it's one of the lightest on the market.

Depower System

Nick: It's got an easy depower system. It's just a simple clam cleat, but it works well and we've upgraded it a bit.

Bar Floats

Nick: We have new bar floats for this year, so it's nice and clean. These are just small improvements, but they go a long way, and with the same price at $559, I think we have one of the most competitively-priced control bars on the market.

New SK99 Lines

Nick: One big improvement for this year is that we switched to SK99 lines. They're a little bit stronger and they stretch a lot less, so less tuning is needed. But if you do need to tune the bar, it's really easy to do. Just push on your float and the cap pops right out, and all your tuning is right inside of the bar. It's easy to adjust the knots.

Bar Adjustment

Nick: Those caps are also where you can adjust the line width from 43 to 49 cm. Just flip the cap around and you can shorten the bar length for your smaller size kites, or if you want the wider bar, keep it on the 49 cm adjustment.

Nick: Reedin is all about simplicity, and I think we really nailed it with the control bar. Get one in your hands and go try it out.

Pat: If you have any questions, let us know, and thanks for checking it out. Nick, thanks for being here!

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28th Sep 2023 Pat Taylor

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