Steve Negen Shop Bio

Steve Negen


Steve has a more extensive history with the sport than most people you'll ever meet, regardless of the aspect. Steve is possibly the most efficient kite flier on the team; even weighing in around 200 lbs, he can make the most out of any kite and board package we throw at him. Steve has his own riding spot. No, really. If you're riding directly next to the pier in Ferrysburg on a warm south breeze in the early morning, prepare to be ousted by the big man. Steve has a true joy for the sport, especially now that his two boys (Lucas and Clayton) are out ripping on the water as well! Steve's favorite setup includes a 2014 14m Cabrinha Switchblade and a Best Spark Plug, with a Dakine Fusion harness. With that said, if your kite is sitting unattended on the beach, Steve will gladly take it, or if you ever get to the beach and he hands you a brand new kite and then takes off, you have just been "Steve'ed". Don't worry it happens to the best of us!

Riding Style - Smooth old guy 

In shop - Perpetually

Dream Quiver -

  • Kites: 17m Cabrinha Contra & 12/9 Switchblade .
  • Boards: Best Breeze , Cabrinha Xcaliber
  • Harness: Dakine Fusion

Favroite Quote - "That board pops like a fifth grader on Pixie sticks." -Aaron Johnson

Hopes for future - Have some money for retirement after sending the kids to college

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or Waves? Depends on how the knees are feeling...
  2. Boots or Straps? What are boots?
  3. Burger or Burrito? Burrito – mo hotta mo betta
  4. Warm or Windy? Warm and windy - yes
  5. Big board or big kite? Both – I live in Michigan and weigh 200
  6. Big air or big trick? I wish I could do either
  7. front zip or back? back
  8. towel trick or car change? towel dress – I love my towel dress
  9. Hug or Hi five? keep Johnson away from me
  10. Van or Truck? 3 kids – what do you think?