Lucas Negen Shop Bio

Lucas "Work Donkey" Negen

lucas-pookie-negen.jpgGenerally hiding away in the back so no one can yell at him for not wearing shoes, Lucas is one of the newer riders in the crew. If you ever stop by the shop, he'll also answer to Little Steve. The resemblance is striking. If he's not in the shop, odds are good that he's on a paddleboard somewhere.

Weight - 175 lbs

Who taught you to Kite - Steve, Chris Bobryk, & pretty much everyone in the shop

Dream Quiver -

  • Kites: Cabrinha Switch, Slingshot RPM
  • Boards: Misfit, Breeze
  • Harness: Dakine Pyro

Favorite spot to ride - OBX

Favorite Shop Quote - "Work Donkey!"

Hopes for future - Live in my hammock somewhere warm

"An Intimidate Look"

  1. Slicks or waves? - Waves, the more the merrier.
  2. Boots or straps? - Straps until Tuck gets me in boots this summer.
  3. Ski or snowboard? - Snowboard
  4. Burger or Burrito? - Yes
  5. Warm or windy? - Both
  6. Stingpong or price sheet slap? - Stingpong, check out my scars
  7. Coffee or energy drink? - Coffee
  8. Trophy or bragging rights? - Depends on the trophy size
  9. Big board or big kite? - This sounds like overcompensation
  10. Sleep or shred? - Who sleeps?
  11. Big air or big trick? - Well, since my tricks all suck, gonna have to go with air.
  12. Front zip or back? - Back.
  13. Towel trick or car change? - Public indecency
  14. Zep or Beatles? - Miley
  15. Hug or Hi five? - Big ol' hugs
  16. Reef or Beach break? - Beach
  17. Van or Truck? - 1960's VW Van
  18. Quad or Thruster? - Quad
  19. Flat or Rockered out? - Rocker
  20. Powder or Park? - Park