Jake VanderZee Shop Bio

"The Original" Jake VanderZee

jacob-vanderzee.jpgWeight - 255 lbs

Riding Style - Gangnam

Instructor - In the good ole' days

Dream Quiver -

  • Kites:17m Best TS
  • Boards: 2014 Best Armada 138, Aggression Customs Barndoor, Aggression Customs 135x46
  • Wet Suit: NPX Assassin
  • Harness: Dakine Renegade

Favorite spot to ride - I don't alway ride but when I do it is sunny, windy and warm in Ferrysburg! Avon NC soundside is a close second!

Quote - "An extruded base is better for girls who don't like to wax everyday" Rome Rep Rich Whinnie at Staff Tech Night

Hopes for future - A 3 party political system and presidents who are elected by popular vote!

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or waves: Slicks
  2. Boots or straps: Straps since I am a sissy and boot scare me...
  3. Burger or Burrito: Sushi
  4. Warm or windy: The warmer the better!
  5. Big board or big kite: Both are you kidding me I weigh over 250LBS.
  6. Sleep or shred: Sleep I have a 4 and an 2 year old... enough said.
  7. Big air or big trick: Mowin' Da lawn
  8. Front zip or back: Front zip dry, back zip wet...
  9. Towel trick or car change: Depends on the temp outside
  10. Flannel or stripes: Solids and Bright ones: Hot Pink, Day Glow or Blaze it is all good!
  11. Zep or Beatles: Something with a fast beats and a nasty bass line!
  12. Hug or Hi five: Brothers got to Hug!
  13. Reef or Beach break: Reef makes a good Flip Flop.
  14. Van or Truck: Pimped out Town and Country is how I roll!
  15. Powder or Park: Powder. I like the fluffy stuff, but am pretty good at nose pressing the fun box.
  16. Cable or Boat: I'm on a Boat! I'm wearing flippy floppies... oh wait what was the question?