Logan Armstrong

Logan Armstrong

Logan Armstrong - A.K.A Brogan


Well Logan used to be a kiteboarder. Then he switched to being a bike tech. After years of slinging boxes in the warehouse and instructing on the beaches of Pere Marquette he has switched to the other branch of the business. Logan is one of the smoothest kiters you will see on the west side of the great state of Michigan. He can also slay trails on a mountain bike. Not to mention he golfed at a collegiate level. Whether it is land or water this dude does it all!

His shop name is Brogan or Toegan. Toegan comes from the time he slipped and blew his toe clean open.

Riding Stats:

  • Weight - 150lbs so more than Mikey
  • Riding Style - Smooth as butter

Dream Quiver: 

  • Kite: Reach 7, 9, 12m²
  • Board: KT Drifter K
  • Foil: MFC 1000FW and 200BW with 92cm mast, 58 fuse

Who is Brogan?

  • Favorite Riding Spot? Pere Marquette 
  • Favorite Quote? "Absolutely"
  • When Did You Start Working at the Shop? 
  • Winging or Kiting? Kiting
  • Coffee or Energy Drink? Coffee
  • Big Air or Big Trick? Big air
  • Order Picker or Forklift? Forklift
  • Waves or Slick? Waves
  • Worst foil fall? Credit or debit? IYKYK
  • GoJoe or Retractable Leash? Gojoe
  • Phone or Livechat? Livechat
  • Warm n' Crowded or Cold n' Secluded? Warm n' crowded
  • College or drafted straight out of Highschool/Start of College? Drafted straight outta highschool/lil college
  • Favorite Warehouse Memory? That place is a nightmare.
  • Work Transport: Onewheel pint or XR? XR
  • Carbon or Aluminum? Carbon
  • Rope Slider or Hook? Hook
  • Goofy or Regular? Regular
  • Any "Kitemares"? Pulled up into a tree in Maui
  • Fold or Scrunge Your Kite? Fold
  • Anything Else the World Should Know About Brogan? I ride pedal bikes for fun

Top Gear Picks:

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    $0.00 - $45.00