Sam Bonnette

Sam Bonnette

Sam "Samothy" Bonnette

Oh our sweet Sam. Quite an interesting specimen that is our main processing guy. If you have put an order through our website anytime after the start of 2021 then he probably knows what your name is. Sam enjoys long walks on the beach with his sidekick Bennet. Bennet is a gorgeous dog who loves his warrantied-harness chew toys. You can find Sam in the warehouse working on his beloved WRX. Not to mention he can shred on the guitar so hit him up if you want to be serenaded by punk rock! 

Riding Stats:

Weight - 175ish

Riding Style - Face planting

Dream Quiver - Not sure 


Who is Sam?

  • Favorite spot to ride? Ferrysburg 
  • When Did You Start Working at the Shop? 2020
  • Winging or Kiting? I can't really do either but I am great at trying!
  • Coffee or Energy Drink? They're both bad
  • Big Air or Big Trick? BIG AIR
  • Order Picker or Forklift? Order Picker
  • Waves or Slick? I like it smooth!
  • Worst foil fall? I never fall
  • GoJoe or Retractable Leash? Gojoe
  • Phone or Livechat? Phone
  • Warm n' Crowded or Cold n' Secluded? Cold n' secluded 
  • College or drafted straight out of Highschool/Start of College? College slacker
  • Favorite Warehouse Memory? When we all convinced Pledge Mikey that he was going to get beat up at a bar (he didn't).
  • Work Transport: Onewheel pint or XR? XR. Pint is for weenies
  • Carbon or Aluminum? Yes
  • Rope Slider or Hook? Hook
  • Goofy or Regular? Regular
  • Any "Kitemares"? Nothing to bad
  • Fold or Scrunge Your Kite? A little of this, a little of that.
  • Anything Else the World Should Know About Sam? I have a ferret.

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