Sam Bonnette

Sam Bonnette

Nathan "Nasty Nate" Patterson


Weight - 185 pounds of Pure Man.

In shop - Always .


  • Cabrinha FX 14, 10
  • Airush Livewire 140 w/ Slingshot R.A.D.'s
  • Three pairs of boardshorts over any wetsuit

Favorite spot to ride - Warm and Windy

Hopes for future - High? 

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or Waves? Both
  2. Boots or Straps? Boots all day
  3. Ski or Snowboard? Stay sideways
  4. Burger or Burrito? Tough call
  5. Warm or Windy? Both
  6. Big Board or Big Kite? Kite always
  7. Big Air or Big Trick? Kite low
  8. Front Zip or Back? Front
  9. Towel Trick or Car Change? Towel always falls, so car
  10. Zep or Beatles? Beatles were overrated.
  11. Hug or High-Five? High-Five
  12. Reef or Beach Break? Reef
  13. Quad or Thruster? Thruster
  14. Flat or Rockered Out? Rocker
  15. Powder or Park? Steep and Deep!
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