Pledge Mikey - formerly known as Cam Kress

Pledge Mikey - formerly known as Cam Kress

Oh boy we are not even sure where to start with Mikey. Cam Kress has many names here at the shop: Mikey, Pledge Mikey, Kress, Cam, Pledge, and many more. Mikey has some awesome energy both at work and in everyday life. I mean how many people bring in two Gatorades and 2 water bottles after a quality night of slumber? Mikey is the newest staff member and boy does he get heat from the crew. He is a wing instructor, warehouse guy, and livechat maniac. He is learning how to do it all. Sadly he is not super into kiting yet and winging is his predominant sport. We are working on making him a well-versed waterman.

Riding Stats:

Weight - Doesn't even register on the big shipping scale

Riding Style - I wish I had some.

Dream Quiver - I do not have any dreams.


Who is Mikey?

  • Favorite Riding Spot? Parrots - Holland, MI
  • Favorite Quote? "If you aren't racing for money you don't need a carbon foil!"
  • When Did You Start Working at the Shop? 2021
  • Winging or Kiting? Winging
  • Coffee or Energy Drink? Energy Drink
  • Big Air or Big Trick? Big air
  • Order Picker or Forklift? Forklift
  • Waves or Slick? Waves
  • Worst foil fall? I am lame and haven't thrown myself off a foil yet
  • GoJoe or Retractable Leash? Neither, I pray that I will not lose any shop gear
  • Phone or Livechat? Livechat
  • Warm n' Crowded or Cold n' Secluded? Warm
  • College or drafted straight out of Highschool/Start of College? Barley passing at Hope College
  • Favorite Warehouse Memory? I got the forklift stuck on my second day!
  • Work Transport: Onewheel Pint or XR? Pint
  • Carbon or Aluminum? Carbon
  • Rope Slider or Hook? Hook
  • Goofy or Regular? Regular
  • Any "Kitemares"? I got dragged downwind for about a mile and ended up looking like a wet rat. 
  • Fold or Scrunge Your Kite? I make Cole fold my kites because I can't fit a kite in a bag
  • Anything Else the World Should Know About Mikey? I am a menace and if anyone messes with me I will go to war with them. 

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