Tucker Vantol

Tucker Vantol


Tucker has been into boardsports since he was 4. With those 23 years of experience in surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and skimboarding the transition to kiteboarding was only a matter of time. He came to kiting after watching Marc "Winder" make good use of bad waves while he sat on his surfboard. After a few months of practice he was keeping up on the water, making up with board-skills what he lacked in kite-skills. Taking his previous experience into kiting he prefers wakestyle riding and strapless surf when the waves are good. With 4 kids his time is limited, but when he is out you can bet that he will make it worthwhile. Your best chance at catching him on the water is shortly after the sun rises. Tucker is in and out before most are out of bed, often pumping up on pitch black beaches.

In addition to his experience riding almost any board he also can tell you exactly how each is made. If you want to talk tech about construction tech and theory, he is your guy.

Tucker is not only into gear but also quite helpful when you talk to him about progression. Many students and fellow riders have benefited from his advice over his years here. If you are having trouble with your latest trick and just can't seem to get past it, ask Tucker for some advice and get ready to be schooled.

Tucker's Blogs & Videos

Latest Videos - Foil Fridays

Riding Stats:

Weight - 175 lbs
Riding Style - Foil Foil Foil... Wakestyle, Strapless surf, Kiteless surf 
Dream Quiver -

  • Kites: Cabrinha Drifters, Ozone Foils
  • Boards: Anything a foil will bolt to
  • Harness: Ride Engine & Ocean Rodeo Backcountry
  • Wetsuit: Xcel or Ocean Rodeo Drysuit

Favorite spot to ride - Muskegon, N. Shore, mornings anywhere

Favorite Quote - “If it fits, it ships”, “Should have been here at 6am”

"An Intimate Look"

  1. Slicks or waves? Depends on the wind speed. Under 25 slicks, over 25 waves
  2. Boots or straps? Boots or strapless
  3. Warm or windy? - Windy
  4. Coffee or energy drink? – Coffee press
  5. Trophy or bragging rights? – Bragging Rights
  6. Big board or big kite? – big kite
  7. Sleep or shred? - shred
  8. Big air or big trick? – Big Trick
  9. Front zip or back? - Front
  10. Towel trick or car change? – Towel Trick
  11. Hug or Hi five? - Both
  12. Van or Truck? - Van
  13. Quad or Thruster? - Quad
  14. Flat or Rockered out? – Rockered out

Tuckers Top Gear Picks:

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