Waydoo Flyer One eFoil - Soft Deck vs. Hard Deck

Waydoo Flyer One eFoil - Soft Deck vs. Hard Deck

“Is that foam?”

“That won’t last very long.”

“Six grand for a foam deck? No way.”

“It’s probably made of foam to keep it cheap.”

These are the regular comments we receive from people when they see the Waydoo Flyer One eFoil. As a result, many of our potential Waydoo customers quickly focus on the Waydoo Flyer One Carbon for its high-end appeal and finish. The old adage about judging a book by its cover definitely applies in the Waydoo foam-versus-carbon debate.

The Waydoo Flyer One foam board is made of EPA foam that will not absorb water. It can take a beating, so you don’t have to worry about setting it down on concrete, docks, or boats as it won’t compromise the finish or build. Trust me: when transporting or riding an eFoil, there will be accidental bumps, “drops”, or drags along the ground and other surfaces. It’s easy on a boat as well. The foam can take scratches, dents, and show signs of use without sacrificing performance. More importantly, it’s gentle on the rider's body when the two come in contact. There will be times when you will fall and hit the board. We definitely don’t recommend leaving Waydoo Flyer One board in the water 24/7. Remove it from the water after use.

The Waydoo Flyer One’s foam construction can safely accommodate a rider up to 275 pounds and weighs in at 16.6 lbs.

Because of its durability, we use the foam board for all our efoil lessons and, to date, it’s our number one seller.

The Waydoo Flyer One Carbon is the foam version, but wrapped in carbon. It has a high-end glossy carbon appeal that communicates quality. With care, the Waydoo Carbon board will provide years of performance. To ensure its finish, keep the board in its bag when not in use. Use caution when transporting and navigating around boats and docks. The glossy carbon finish will scratch, show scuff marks, and crack if it takes a hard enough hit. If the carbon finish cracks, you will want to repair it to keep water out. Water can get trapped between the carbon and foam which generally will evaporate or dry out but it is best to at the very least make it watertight. Those who want to keep that beautiful finish will need to have someone repair the crack professionally to restore it back to that high-end smooth finish. Don’t get me wrong: the carbon can also take a beating, but the scuffs and scratches that are more acceptable on the foam become more noticeable on the glossy carbon finish.

The Waydoo Flyer One Carbon board can safely accommodate a rider up to 325 pounds and weighs in at around 19 lbs.

Because of its beautiful high-end glossy finish, many customers prefer the carbon-wrapped foam board.

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7th Apr 2022 Jeff Hamilton

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