Pop to Toeside / Air Krypt Kiteboarding

Pop to Toeside / Air Krypt Kiteboarding

This week's tip is going to be short and to the point. It’s a stylish variation of the pop and an important movement pattern that builds on many things for later on in your progression. This will be your first 180, and a good introduction to landing toeside with power. Remember, landing blind is just toeside with the kite behind your back. Aside from that, you'll be learning how to rotate frontside. This is important for tricks like the rally to wrapped or the back to revert. Later on, this is the same direction you would spin for a 313 or a 315. Remember, all the fundamental moves build on each other. If you practice all of these, eventually more advanced tricks will come easier.


This is as simple as tricks come. If you can pop and ride toeside, you are good to go. In spite of how easy this move is, don't overlook this one! It's important to build the muscle memory and open up your body to new movement patterns. This basic will teach you a lot and you can really start building on it later for more stylish variations.   

Trick overview

Keep the kite low at 11 or 1 o’clock. Ride downwind to unhook. Carve back upwind into a powerful pop. Remember lean back like you’re sitting on the back two legs of a chair with good posture. Stay locked at the hips and ankles. Keep your toes pointing up. As you scoop out, the kite will pull you forward. Pull hard on your front hand to redirect the kite forward.

Body position

As you leave the water, poke your front leg back. Swing your back leg and tail downwind. Bring that back knee into your chest to help with the motion. As you feel yourself coming backdown pull the bar hard into your back hip or knee. Point the tail downind at the kite and land riding downwind. Now you can carve pressure back into your toeside edge and ride back upwind.

Make it more advanced

You can take this one up a notch by doing your first combo of fundamental moves. The Air Krypy is a classic wakeboarding trick and brings more power and style to the move. Pop into a powered rally. As you feel yourself naturally dropping, pull the bar into your back hip and repeat the same landing procedure. Remember to bring your back knee into your chest as you swing the front 180. And point your tail downind at the kite.

Make it your own

Once you are comfortable you can start adding grabs and spins. The goal for this trick is to progress slowly every session. Take the trick bigger and try new things. Don’t be stagnant with it! It’s an easy, low consequence move to try some grabs. It’s also a great introduction to the rally to wrapped as you are doing a small part of the full rotation. A forward shifty turning your back to the kite first will make this one look more advanced than it actually is. 

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