Mystic Wingman Wingfoiling Harness Review

Mystic Wingman Wingfoiling Harness Review

Hey everybody, welcome back to Wing Wednesdays. I'm Tucker and today I'm going to talk with you about the Mystic Wingman harness. I've been riding a lot of different harnesses the past few years. You might have seen in my videos that I almost always have one on, and the Mystic Wingman has been my favorite so far, so two big thumbs up. I'll talk to you about some of the cool features on this harness and my review of it here.

We actually helped develop the Mystic Wingman harness here at MACkite with the Mystic team, and there are a few things we wanted in this harness. Number one, lightweight and flexible. We wanted it very simple, comfortable, and not to limit your motion in any way while you're out riding.

The second thing we wanted is good support so that, even when you're riding really powered up with a lot of speed and power, you're not going to get uncomfortable or have pressure points or anything else that's going to make you feel less excited about wearing a harness. It should be comfortable.

The other two things we wanted were a sliding, low-profile plastic hook for your harness line so it can slide out of the way when you're paddling or getting on and off your board. It's low profile so it's not all the way out in your way, it's not jabbing you, and can't damage your board as easily. We also wanted a nice bypass leash for your board leash so you can hook a loop connection on this, you can hook up a cuff... pretty much anything you want on this. You can even put your wing leash on the bypass leash if you want, but it's a nice bypass leash to hook up whatever you want and make it easy. You don't need a specific kind of leash or anything like that.

One other thing that came about in the testing and R & D of this is a quick release buckle so it's really easy to get out of your harness. You don't need to climb in and out of it, you don't need anything overly complicated; just put it on, take it off... a really comfortable quick release to get in and out of this harness.

It's a nice and basic black and silver: classy, goes with everything, and I can say this harness achieved everything we wanted it to. It is really lightweight, probably the lightest harness I've tried in the market that wasn't just a belt. The problem with the belts is they're really uncomfortable. If you're riding with any kind of power in your harness, you're going to have a lot of sore points, sore ribs, and it's going to chafe on you. This doesn't do that. It's got good coverage through your back, and especially through your ribs where, if you're riding powered, that can compress your ribs and really give you a lot of pain there, so it's got a nice high sidewall on the ribs. The harness is so fluid and light that it can just move with you like a second skin.

The hook is really low profile, but it's big enough to be easy to hook in and out of. It slides right out of the way, and it's made of plastic and is really blunted and rounded so that you're not damaging your board climbing on and off.

A big two thumbs up to Mystic and the team for making a great harness at a great price. What's not to love? I've been riding mine for about a year, year-and-a-half now, and it's totally holding up with zero maintenance, so two big thumbs up for durability and long-term use. This has been Tucker with, and we'll see you next time

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12th Sep 2022 Tucker Vantol

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