Introducing the 2021 Cabrinha "01" Lineup!

Introducing the 2021 Cabrinha "01" Lineup!

Sit down with Pete Cabrinha and his team for a group discussion of the all new 2021  Cabrinha “01” kiteboarding and wing foiling lineup. 

2021 Cabrinha Kiteboarding

The crowd favorite, and reigning champ of the kiteboarding freeride world is the Cabrinha  Switchblade. Checkout the Switchblade, FXDrifterMoto, and the new Cabrinha Contra with 1 or 3-strut options.

2021 Cabrinha Wing Foiling Wings

The Cabrinha  Crosswing X2 has loads of power and upwind ability. While the all new Cabrinha Mantis wing offers unrivaled performance in the surf. The Mantis wing is available with or without windows to suit your preferred riding style. 

18th Feb 2021 Aaron Johnson

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