eFoiling: First Purchase Tips

eFoiling: First Purchase Tips

Looking at all the fun new eFoils on the market? There’s a lot going on, especially when you’re in the market to get one yourself. Luckily for you, our staff has had the opportunity to have experience on most major eFoils on the market. A few basic questions are always important:

  • Which eFoil is best suited for me?
  • What’s my skill level on foil?
  • What kind of performance do I want from the board?
  • What’s my price range?
  • Which size board and foil are an appropriate size for me?

The first thing you need to look at is your level of riding. Do you have experience foiling already? Will this be your first foil experience? This will play a huge factor in which eFoil will be best suited for you.

If this is going to be your first step into the foiling market, you will probably want something a bit larger and more stable like the Waydoo Flyer One Explorer or the Takuma Cruising model. The Waydoo Flyer One might not be the largest board available on the market at 5’6” 100L, but with the Flyer Pod attachment you can greatly increase the volume and stability of the board making it so an adult can stand on the board while it is stationary in the water. The Explorer also comes with a larger 1600cm foil and 65cm mast that creates lift at low speeds while remaining ultra-stable. This is great for cruising flat water days. The Takuma Cruising also fits well into this category of eFoils at 6’2”and 150L. The name says it all: this board is a true lake cruiser. With a 1600cm foil and 50cm mast, you will master the skills of foiling with ease.

If you are already an accomplished foiler and looking to increase your time on the water on no-wind days or when you can’t find a boat driver, you may want to check out a board like the Waydoo Flyer One Patroller or the Takuma Carver. The Waydoo Flyer One Patroller comes with the same 5’6” 100L board as the Explorer, but has a longer 80cm mast and smaller 1300cm foil. This gives you two advantages over the easier to use models: they allow for a greater top speed and more maneuverability for sharper turns. Takuma brings in their own high-performance board with the Carver. With a full carbon board, 65cm mast, and 1500cm Kujira high aspect foil, you’ll truly get the high performance foil rides on no-wind or no boat days.

The next big question that everyone has is price point. For years, eFoils have been stuck at a $12-14k threshold, but no more. Over the last few years, more brands have been coming into the market at a much more affordable price point. This is where Waydoo has a big advantage over most of the market, coming in right around $6,000 depending on the model. Waydoo has been able to leverage a better price point due to their manufacturing infrastructure and connections they have overseas due to the main backer DJI drones. This ensures that they are making a high quality, yet still affordable, product. Takuma still hits the market with competitive pricing of $8-10k, depending on model. Takuma foils and boards are some of the best options on the market for wing and surf foiling, so naturally when they put these products into the eFoil market you’re going to get a high quality product with a slightly higher price point.

All things considered, you can absolutely overthink buying an eFoil or you can give us a ring and have us help you meet your needs. Every foil we carry is going to put a smile on your face - we all fight over the shop demos plenty! Give us a holler with any questions or concerns at the number below and we’re happy to help you get sorted.


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21st Apr 2022 Pat Taylor

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