Duotone Vegas Vs Dice

Duotone Vegas Vs Dice

The goal of this video is to help you decide if the Vegas is right for you. I’ve done videos on C-kites in the past and when checking the forums, a lot of people got the impression that I am completely against C-kites like the Vegas. That’s not the case. That video was meant to deter beginners from starting out on a kite that would hold them back.

The Vegas is an incredible kite but it does have some drawbacks for inexperienced riders. The grey area comes into play when you hit that intermediate level of riding when you might wonder if the Vegas or the Dice would be a good fit. 

Maybe you’re doing your first advanced moves or you’ve made a good deal of progress in your freestyle riding. Either way, you're ready for something more advanced. Let's dive into the main considerations between these two kites.

We’ll start with what these kites are.

The Vegas

The Duotone Vegas is a no compromise, all out professional level c-kite. The best pop, the best slack, and outrageous kiteloops. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, that’s because you do give up a lot in exchange for this kite. It’s ideal for 20% of kiteboarders out there. If you don’t fit into that margin, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

I’m sure some Vegas purist will disagree with me. I did a video on c-kites a couple years ago and there were pages of comments in the kite forum. Some agreed others didn’t care much for my opinion. Regardless, these are the facts. C-kites only benefit advanced riders. I guess the question here is, are you advanced enough for the Vegas?

The Dice

The Dice has some crossover with the Vegas among other kites. Hence we call it a crossover freestyle kite. Take all the good and bad from the Vegas and dial it back. Now add some other flavors such as wave riding and you’ve got the Dice. Let’s go into detail to give you some perspective on these kites.

Rider level is important with the wind range 

Wind Range / Upwind ability

Neither of these kites have what I would consider a large wind range. Between the two, the Dice offers a larger range. This is an area where both kites share some characteristics. According to the duotone wind range, the Dice has one knot more on the bottom end per size. Rider ability is important here.

I did a review on the Dice VS the Rebel earlier this year. I mentioned that experienced riders are going to get the most out of the projected wind range on the Dice while new riders would take time to push the bottom and top end. The same applies for the Vegas but a step futher. It's a bit easier to get more out of the Dice. You have to have exceptional edge control and kite awareness to max out the wind range on the Vegas. So while the charts are close, the Dice is easier to use. 

Dynamics of freestyle kites 

Both kites are direct and respond to rider feedback. If you’ve watched any of my videos on the Dice you know I like to say it becomes an extension of the rider. Take that a step further with the Vegas. They both cater to and require to some extent a skilled rider.

Everything you do with your body, your hands, your edging is going to impact these kites. The Vegas more so than the Dice. If you look at the official wind range on these kites it’s important to note that only a skilled rider will be able to maximize that range.

This is true for most kites but even more so on these two kites. You might notice on paper the Dice has a one knot advantage. The fact is it's easier to get more out of that wind rang while the Vegas will require more skill to maximize its range.

Both Kites become an extension of the rider 

Bar Pressure and feel

Again, there are many parallels here. They are both snappy, direct and powerful. The Dice has lighter bar pressure and while it is direct, it’s smoother. This is thanks to the hybrid shape and the fact that it’s a bridled kite.

The Vegas on the other hand is as raw as kites come. Like I said, In some ways, you can think of the Dice as a detuned Vegas. Both are responsive and fast with a tight turn radius.

The Vegas has less throw in the bar and a loaded 5-th line. The 5th line serves a couple purposes. It’s part of why the Vegas feels so Direct. The lack of a bridle is the other. The 5-th line is also important in relaunching.We’ll touch more on this later. Point being, you’ll feel more connected and have absolute control over the Vegas.

This is important if you’re an advanced rider. It’s a drawback in rougher conditions or if you’re an intermediate rider working on a new trick. You have the benefit of feeling exactly where your kite is. However, the power and the fast response means it’s easier to crash the kite or make a mistake mid trick.

The Dice being a hybrid, has bridles that make it less direct. In 2020, they have removed the pulleys making it ever more direct feeling. The benefit here is you get more depower, yet you still feel where the kite is

You have complete control but the Dice is more forgiving when trying new tricks.

You are less likely to lose control when trying something new. This is why the Dice is often recommended for intermediate to advanced riders. While the Vegas works for an intermediate rider but is a better fit for someone more advanced.

The Dice has a better relaunch



Regarding relaunch, I think we all know by now it’s easier to relaunch hybrid kites like the Dice. The Shape that makes the Vegas so powerful makes it more difficult to rock onto a wingtip. You’ll have to use a 5th line to roll it onto its back. Then you can roll it onto a wingtip. The technique is not that difficult once you learn it but it is one more thing to learn and it does take practice.

The Dice relaunches better than the Vegas hands down. On a side note, after a few years riding, I’ve noticed in light winds, some of the other crossover kites relaunch easier. In the past, I’ve always advocated using the Dice on a 4 line set up. I find if you're riding in light winds or with a strong wind shadow the 5th line is actually useful in freestyle scenarios. The Dice has just enough of a C-shape to need a little help in light wind. 

Nothing beats looping a C-kite 

Jumping / kiteloops

This is a point where your skill is going to be the most important factor. Both of these kites cater to aggressive big air riders. I’m not talking about lofty, easy big air riders. I’m talking about riding aggressively and incorporating loops. That means lofty is the last word I would use to describe either kite. That said, the Dice is loftier. The kites both love to loop. They excel at it. Kite loops, heliloops and downloops. They will both feel aggressive on the takeoff and unless you do something with the kite you'll come down quickly. The Vegas is going to feel more explosive but actually more stable as well thanks to the stiffer canopy.

I’ve hammered on this point in other videos but you can get massive air on these kites. An important consideration is that It takes more skill. The other kites in the lineup will jump higher and easier.

On to the point of kiteloops. Both kites are exceptional here. The Dice is a better fit for most riders. It' powerful, fast, and easy to catch yourself. The Dice is everything most riders could want. The Vegas, is more all out performance. It's designed for competitive riders looking for an edge. It's more direct, more powerful and more raw. With this in mind, its easier to catch yourself on mega loops with too. 

The Dice is better in waves 

Waves / Freeride

This is an area where the Dice has an advantage. It's an excellent wave or strapless freestyle kite. The Vegas is very niche. I wouldn't choose it as wave kite. I'm sure Vegas purist do but I don't recommend it. I won’t spend too much time on this point but the Dice would be solid enough. It’s going to please most wave riders in most conditions.

It’s also a better choice for freeriding. It’s easier to use, easier to relaunch and more versatile. Meaning you can use it in a broader variety of conditions. From the wind range to your discipline. The Vegas is all out unhooked and all out big air king of the air style performance. but if if you like to ride hooked in or explore other facets of the sport, the Dice is a better fit.

You don't need to see when landing blind :P


Unhooked freestyle.

Hands down if you’re a freestlyer, a wakestyler or someone who wants to unhook. These are the kites you should be looking at.

If you are new to unhooking, go for the Dice. It's got most of the Benefits found in the Vegas. I like to think of it as a detunedVegas. Not only that but you get the ease of use, the larger wind range and easier relaunch. These perks are going to give you an edge in progression.

The pop and slack here is beyond sufficient for 90% of freestyles. Now, if you're in the 10%, the Vegas will give you an edge in competition. More pop, more slack and a more direct feel are going to give you that competitive edge. If you’re on this level, the relaunch is likely a non issue for you.

The Vegas is amazing for competitive level kiteboarders 

In Summary

Both of these kites are similar. Designed for experienced kiteboarders looking to take things to the next level. For most, the Dice is the natural progression to a more advanced performance kite. While those of you who are going all in on the competitive level the Vegas is the clear winner. The only consideration is if you’re not ready for the Vegas, don’t let your ego get in the way of your progress.

Chances are you’ll learn faster on the Dice and you can have some fun in the waves. At the end of the day, the Vegas and all modern C kites have actually come along way. They are not the untamed beast they used to be but you will have to put in more work on them.

Now to my original question at the beginning of this video are you ready for the Vegas? Well that a question only you can answer for yourself. If you're ready, you'll know it. For everyone else, consider the Dice!

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