2024 Naish Pivot NVision Review

2024 Naish Pivot NVision Review

The 2024 Naish Pivot NVsion is here. What's special about this version of the Pivot? Pat and Dustin got some water time with it and are ready to share some insights.

Dustin: We got the all new Naish NVision Pivot, and it's pretty sick. It's the Ferrari of the Pivots.

Pat: Yeah, it's the Aluula version of the Pivot. It has slight tweaks to the same Pivot we've known and loved for last couple years, but has been brought to the next level with the Aluula material.

Dustin: It has lighter to medium bar pressure. It's definitely lighter than the normal Pivot.

Pat: If I'm comparing it to other kites on the market right now, I would put it somewhere in the middle of the Evo D/LAB and the Reedin Hypermodel for Aluula kites. It has a medium to medium-light bar pressure.

Dustin: It's the classic Pivot, just a little bit faster, and you're going to get a bigger wind range out of it, which is nice. It's the Pivot we all know and love, and you can't go wrong with it.

Pat: No, the Pivot has been a staple in the industry for the last couple years. It's been one of those benchmark kites where people use it as a comparison to a lot of other kites that have come out in recent years. Naish was one of the first to start pushing the envelope of that three-strut, big air, do-it-all kite, and the NVision, the Aluula version of the Pivot, really steps it up. We both had a session the other day where it was only blowing around 11 knots at first. We were hemming and hawing and finally decided we might as well pump up a kite, so we pumped the 12m NVision up and started flying around the beach. The wind had ticked up a little bit by the time we actually got on the water with it, but I think it was still in the low teens. We were on a 139 twintip and we're both right around that 190lb. range, and we were making it work on a 12 meter, no problem. I typically would not be riding on 12 meter in those conditions at all.

Dustin: Yeah, we were having a blast, and I'd say it even ticked up to the low 20s. We rode until it was pitch black because we were having a blast.

Pat: We were taking turns with the kite, passing it back and forth, kind of feeling it out, and having a ton of fun. Sometimes testing is a bit stressful because you've got to get the conditions when they're right, but these new Aluula kites have a much wider range, and that makes our job a lot easier.

Dustin: I'd say the loops are significantly quicker than the standard Pivot.

Pat: Absolutely. I wouldn't say it's a necessarily a pivotal loop; it still has a bit of an arcing turn to it, but it is very fast and snappy.

Dustin: I think they redesigned the wingtips just a little bit, and they went with lighter weight bridles too.

Pat: With those lightweight bridles, you get even less wind resistance from the kite. You have a smaller leading edge diameter and a smaller diameter bridle, so everything's going towards greater efficiency with this kite. It's a nice step up in the line and it gives you that highest level of performance out of a kite that you're looking for. If you love the Pivot and you like the way your old Pivots are flying, but you're looking for that next step up in performance, or even trying to narrow down the number of kites you have, this could be a great option for you.

Dustin: Definitely. For sizes, we've got 6 through 10m, then 12 and 14m.

Pat: It's a good range of sizes for any way to ride or in any conditions you're going to get out there. They have a Pivot NVision for you. If you have any questions, let us know and we'll get back to you.

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29th Nov 2023 Dustin Chrysler & Pat Taylor

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