2022 Duotone Juice D/Lab | Quick Look

2022 Duotone Juice D/Lab | Quick Look

  • The all-new Duotone Juice D/Lab is an ultra-light, 3-strut freeride kite, good for light wind riding and foiling.
  • The frame of the Juice D/Lab is made from Aluula, which reduces the overall weight of the kite by 30%. As well as offering a much higher structural stiffness and greater tear resistance.
  • The moderate aspect shape offers tons of lift, a crazy amount of hangtime, and some pretty decent upwind ability as well.
  • Available in sizes 13m and 15m, the all-new Duotone Juice D/Lab is certain to have you grinning from ear to ear.
  • Check out the Duotone Juice D/Lab right here at!
30th Nov 2021 Aaron Johnson

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