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North Kiteboarding

North Kiteboarding began in early 2001 under the influence of David Johnson and Ken Miller, and joined soon-after by current North Kiteboarding CEO Till Eberle later that year. The early years saw North Kiteboarding grow at a frenetic rate, as companies raced to outpace each other in innovation and performance improvements. In many ways, as the sport was so new, these companies were competing against each other for not only market recognition, but a public acceptance of kiteboarding. North Kiteboarding gained early notoriety with the North Rhino and North Vegas. In the mid-2000s however, like many other kitesurfing brands, North Kiteboarding was plagued by quality issues as their desire for innovation led to a neglection of manufacturing uniformity and construction integrity.

In 2008, North Kiteboarding refocused their priorities, moving their production center from China to Sri Lanka. They began to standardize different parts of construction and invest in process automation, allowing for a higher build quality by greater precision and uniformity. By this point, the industry was transitioning to bow kites, and North Kiteboarding introduced the Rebel, a hybrid kite. With the crossover ability of the Rebel, North has been able to penetrate a much larger market, and now stands as an industry leader in kiteboarding, recognized for their product quality and high-performance gear.

For those of you interested in a full and detailed history of North Kiteboarding, be sure to check out True, a nearly 300 page book filled with pictures and insights into the North Kiteboarding legacy.  

North Kiteboarding Kites

North Kiteboarding kites are instantly recognizable on the beach, characterized by their bright, audacious designs and 5 line system. While some of their kites can be tweaked to be flown in either a 4 or 5 line configuration, the 5th line ensures maximum depower and safety. The bar and line system is highly customizable, allowing the rider to personalize their flying experience. The color schemes are quite vibrant, allowing the kite to really stand out in the sky. Because of this, they employ a Techno Force D2 canopy material that is resistant to fading, while also providing higher strength and lower stretch than tradition fabric used. Performance aside, each complete kiteboarding kite comes with a colorful pump sheathed in a fabric bag that doubles up as a sand anchor for the particularly windy days, making sure you don’t accidentally throw a handful of shells on your canopy and shred it! Our favorite North Kiteboarding kites include:

North Rebel

The Rebel is North’s premier freeride kite, appealing to the majority of kiteboarders.

North Evo

The Evo is the most versatile kite that North offers, an all-around offering that excels in all different conditions.

North Vegas

The North Vegas is a high-performance c-kite intended for wakestyle and freestyle riders. Its inception dates back to the early 2000s, and has been reworked over the years to deliver outstanding, explosive performance.