2023 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2022 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite - Red Sea
  • 2022 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite - Pacific Blue
  • 2022 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite - Marine Green
  • 2022 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite - Front View
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2023 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite

Lively and playful, this 3-strut allrounder has unparalleled versatility and wind range. Big jumps. Upwind performance. Effortless relaunch. For 2022 we’ve introduced a new lighter Dacron exo-skeleton in every size and revised the arc design for a crisper, snappier response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery. Still nimble and easy to ride, but now with a cleaner profile that’s even more stable in kite loops, the Reach is your go-to kite in all conditions. The lighter construction excels throughout the entire wind range, foil and surf, without compromising the kite’s durability. Its fast, responsive steering and efficient power delivery give rise to incredible boosts, loops and freestyle, while the short responsive bridle provides quick, exponential depower. In the three larger sizes, the Reach is a powerful lightwind kite designed with a predictable, consistent drive forward for TwinTip riding - long after everyone else has gone in.

Item Includes

Kite, Bag, Repair Kit 


  • Boosts and loops with a smooth reliable catch   
  • Incredible stability for foil and lightwind  
  • Well-balanced tactile surf handling 
  • Massive wind range and upwind drive   
  • New lighter N-DURE Dacron in all sizes  
  • Incredibly powerful and efficient  
  • Larger sizes lightwind-optimised  
  • More durable leading-edge seam  
  • New revised arc design for cleaner kiteloops   
  • Lightweight bladders in every size   
  • Highest quality no-pulley low drag bridle lines
  • Direct and Responsive Steering   
  • Confident relaunch with swept design   
  • Precise draft-forward profile   
  • Progressive freestyle medium-high AR   
  • Duralite seam protection  
  • Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors   
  • New HyperFlow rapid inflation system cap and valve geometry   
  • Recycled PET Kite Bag with Foil Assist

North Reach 15m for Light Winds

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