Waydoo Adapter for Moses and SABfoil - Foils Ridden and Reviewed

Waydoo Adapter for Moses and SABfoil - Foils Ridden and Reviewed

This is Pat, Dustin, and Ryan from MACkiteboarding.com. We just got off the water with the Waydoo. We're trying out the range of SABfoil front wings with a special new adapter that allows you to add them to your Waydoo. If you're looking to experiment and try something that's a little carvier and higher performance, there might be something in this range for you.

Waydoo with SabFoil W940 - 1100 cm2

Dustin: The 940 is probably the most high-performance wing we tested today. It's super carvy and super turn-y. It's not the most stable wing, but you won't have a huge amount of drop if you porpoise. It's pretty stellar, actually.

Pat: It had a surprising amount of lift for its size. I think the aspect ratio lends to that. It rises really fast, it's stable yet maneuverable and, for how small it is, has a surprisingly good amount of lift.

Ryan: I really like this wing. It's super carvy. If you're looking to really bank your turns and get the ultimate performance out of the Waydoo, I think this is the one to go with. I did notice that I had to bump up my speed a little and come back on the board a bit to get it to feel stable. I couldn't ride it a little further forward on the board like I normally would with their Patroller or Explorer wings. I had to come back a bit and turn my speed up, but once I did that, it was killer.

Waydoo with SabFoil W950 - 1350 cm2

Ryan: The 950 is stable and carvy, though not as carvy as the 940. It does have winglets on it, so I felt like it tracked a little better for going straight. It didn't like to bank and carve quite as hard. You could get it to if you really put a lot into it, but it's just not as playful as the 940.

Pat: Yeah, I'd say if you're looking to get into that higher speed riding, but you're not quite ready to make the jump to the 940 and want something that's going to be a little more forgiving, I think the 950 might be the right one for you.

Waydoo with SabFoil W790 - 1529 cm2

Dustin: If you've been on both the Explorer and the Patroller, the 790 is going to fall right in between there. It's super stable, but has a bit more maneuverability than an Explorer, the standard Waydoo wing.

Pat: I think this is due to having a little bit shorter span than the Explorer, but a similar surface area. You still get around the same amount of lift, but you do get a little bit more maneuverability without sacrificing the lift you're going to lose by going with the Patroller model.

Ryan: Yeah, I felt like it was a short step up from the Explorer. If you're looking for more performance, but not quite to the level of the Patroller, try the 790.

Waydoo with SabFoil W899 Balz Muller LTD - 1383 cm2

Ryan: The 899 was one of my personal favorite wings that we tested in this lineup. I felt that it allowed me to ride a little bit slower than what the 940 did so I didn't need quite as much speed, yet I felt like it rolled and carved really well. You get out of it what you put into it, so when you bank those turns and put the power into your edges, you're going to come around and be able to carve really well. What'd you guys think about this wing?

Dustin: I think you nailed it, yeah.

Pat: Yeah, I think it was a good middle ground in performance between something like the 790 or the classic Waydoo wings and the 940 or 950. It's got a good blend of lift and stability, but you still had speed and maneuverability there as well. This gave that next step up without going too far down the high performance road.

Waydoo with SabFoil W999 - 1747 cm2

Ryan: Similar to the 899 is its big brother, the 999. I thought that the 999 was everything the 899 was, but with just a little bit more stability.

Pat: Yeah, if you're a little bit heavier rider looking to still get that performance but need a little bit of extra lift, the 999 might be the right one for you.

Ryan: For that person that's just starting to want a little more performance and maybe wants to start exploring with carving the Waydoo a little bit quicker, but they're not quite ready to jump into anything too aggressive, it's a nice, mellow stepping stone as well.

Our Top Picks

Pat: Without a doubt, the two favorites from the session today had to have been the 940 and the 899. The 940 is a really high performance wing with a lot of maneuverability and a lot of top end speed. The 899 was just a step back from that, and maybe a little more maneuverable.

Ryan: Yeah, you could ride it at a little slower speed, so it carved at slow speeds better than what the 940 does. On the 940 you've got to ride a little faster and be a little more aggressive. If you do that, you can't match the 940 for performance. They're not the not the same in how they carve, but if you're looking for something that's a step down from the 940, the 899 is still very carvy and playful. It's a super fun wing, but you don't have to be quite on your A-game the whole time like you do with the 940.

Pat: These are our two standouts from today's session. All the ones we tried out were really awesome, but these are the two we really enjoyed. If you're looking for something in between these two, there's lots of stuff in the SABfoil range for you to check out. Hit us up on chat or give us a call with any questions. This has been Pat, Dustin, and Ryan with MACkiteboarding, and we'll see you on the water.

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22nd Mar 2023 Pat Taylor, Dustin Chrysler & Ryan Hooker

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