Duotone Wing Academy | Powering and Depowering Your Wing

Duotone Wing Academy | Powering and Depowering Your Wing

Powering Your Wing

Flip your wing and pull it into the wind to get into riding position. To power your wing, pull the back hand towards you. Now the wing will generate power and lift, which you will have to counter with your body weight. Do this by slightly bending your knees and leaning back with your upper body. The stronger the wind, the more you will have to lean back.

Focus on keeping your front hand in place while pulling your backhand towards you. Powering your wing by pulling your backhand is also called sheeting in.

Depowering Your Wing

To depower your wing, just slowly let go of your back hand. Try to get a feeling of how much to lean back with your upper body and shoulders when pulling with your back hand. Repeat the sheet in and out until the movement feels natural.

Angle of Attack

Finding the right angle of attack is also key when powering your wing. Try to be very sensitive when sheeting in. When you start to pull your backhand, you feel the lift of the wing increase. As soon as you can't feel any increase in power, don't pull your backhand any further.

Now you are holding the wing at the perfect angle of attack. Pulling too much, also called over sheeting, would result in a less effective lift from the wing.

Let's Remember the Key Elements:

  • Pull with your back hand gently.
  • Keep your front hand in place.
  • Counter the power and lift of the wing by leaning back with your upper body.

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24th Oct 2022 Aaron Johnson

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