Can You Wing Foil on an Inland Lake?

Can You Wing Foil on an Inland Lake?

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to get on the water? Wing foiling may be the perfect water sport for you. It’s relatively new, but it’s quickly becoming popular among those that love the wind and water—and who don't live anywhere near an ocean.

But what is wing foiling exactly, and can you do it on an inland lake?

In this blog post, we'll look at all aspects of determining if a lake is suitable for wing foiling so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's worth taking the plunge.

What is Wing Foiling?

With a Wing Foil Board

Wing foiling, wing surfing, and or wing boarding is a water sport where the rider stands on a board mounted with a hydrofoil and uses a handheld inflatable wing to propel themselves across the water.

With a Stand Up Paddle Board or SUP

Additionally, wing SUP invloves the use of an inflatable wing and a stand up paddle board. Many riders decided to start with with their paddle board and get the feel for it before heading out with a hydrofoil set.

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The Benefits of Wing Foiling on a Lake

Yes, you can wing foil on a lake. Small inland lakes that offer sufficient wind and few obstacles can actually be super fun to wing on. Kinda like kiteboarding at your favorite slick if you're familiar.

Fewer Obstacles

Learning to wing foil on an inland lake offers advantages that you can't find when wing foiling on the ocean. For starters, no corrosive elements from seawater are damaging your equipment, no sharks or other large aquatic animals are present to startle you, and there are generally fewer crowds than in ocean environments.

Better Water Conditions

With calm waters and thermal wind, an inland lake is also a great way to learn to wing foil, as it can help reduce the amount of time you need to become comfortable with the foil board and inflatable wing.

As no tides or strong currents exist, you'll be able to stay in control, and in one spot while you practice different techniques at your own pace. You may also find it easier to rest and or paddle on your board on a small body of water.

Where can I Wing Foil on Inland Lakes?

Launching from Shore

Great spots to wing foil on inland lakes include public beaches and boat launches, as well as docks or jetties where you might be able to carry your wing and foil board and launch right from shore.

Launching from a Boat

Got access to a boat? Load up your inflatable wing, hydrofoil board, and hydrofoil, then drop anchor and get out there and have some fun. Wing surfing from a boat is pretty easy, as you can assemble your board and foil, pump up your wing, toss it all overboard, and jump in. Just be mindful of the water depth when anchoring at any new riding spot.

Visit the Great Lakes

Travel Tip: with over 9400 miles of combined coastline, Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes Basin have become popular destinations, in the summer months, for wing foilers looking for some of the best places to go wing foiling. There is always good wind and good vibes to go around.


Tips for Learning Wing Foiling on an Inland Lake

Boat Traffic

Before you head out on the water, be sure to take a few precautions. First and foremost, be careful of summer boat traffic. One of the best places might be a more secluded area of the lake where boats rarely traverse, yet the wind is still present.

Protective Gear

Second, be sure to wear a helmet and vest for added protection from contact with your board or foil wings. Coast Guard Approved vests may or may not be required at your local lake, so be sure to know before you go. Otherwise, there are several kinds of non-CGA Vests and equipment to choose from.

Water Hazards

Always be sure to watch out for any weedy areas, submerged obstacles, or floating objects, as your foil could get hung up and send you flying over the handlebars if you venture too close.

Pro Tip: As with any location, beginner wing foilers will almost always benefit from having a bigger board, and a large front wing. The larger board will give you more control when getting to your feet, and the larger front foil will help you will lift at slower speeds. Additionally, a larger inflatable hand wing will almost always be helpful when learning in lighter winds.

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In conclusion, with the right know-how, wing foiling on an inland lake can provide a fulfilling experience that is ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced wing foilers looking to try something new.

Taking some wing foil lessons, or enrolling in a wing foil course would provide an extra boost of confidence, especially for those who may be new to water sports. Wing foil lessons are popping up everywhere right now, so that should be a relatively easy find.

When in doubt—give us a shout. We're always happy to help!

13th Mar 2023 Aaron Johnson

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