2024 Reedin Kite Lineup Explained

2024 Reedin Kite Lineup Explained

Reedin has a fairly modest kite lineup with only 3 models, but they're essentially different versions of the same kite, so Dustin and Jake are here to explain what the differences are and which one might be right for you.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Although the Reedin kite range has been expanded for 2024, they did retire the original SuperModel in favor of the SuperModel HTF2. HTF stands for Hybrid Torsion Frame, and it's a significant upgrade to the leading edge that allows it to be stiff towards the center and more flexible at the ends to enable faster turning. This year is the second version of the HTF, with its own upgrades. The new HyperModel uses an Aluula frame.

SuperModel HTF2

Dustin's had a good amount of time on the HTF, and he can confirm that there are some noticeable upgrades for this year. It's been a while since he's been hyped up on a new kite since the upgrades are often pretty basic, but Reedin outdid themselves this year.

The 8-point bridle has been redone to have 12 points. This makes the kite not only faster, but more responsive. While Dustin hasn't had the right conditions to double loop it yet, other guys have and it works great, especially being a direct bridle with no pulleys. When you pull the bar, you get instant feedback with no delay. Reedin also made some stitching upgrades to disperse the load across the canopy a bit more evenly.

But the biggest improvement may be to the Hybrid Torsion Frame. The center of the leading edge is still stiff Dacron to keep the kite rigid and stable, but an extra segment of Flexlite has been added further down to give the kite more flexibility and pivot even tighter.

All sizes have also seen a weight reduction, about 15 percent off last year's model, which is awesome.


An even bigger weight reduction is the biggest benefit to the new HyperModel. It uses the lighter, stiffer Aluula material in the entire frame, even the struts. It's up to 25 percent lighter than last year's HTF.

Besides being lighter, the Aluula material lets the kite run a smaller leading edge, which adds even more performance advantages. It does come with an increased price tag, but you'll want a 3-kite quiver with the HTF where you can probably get away with rocking a 2-kite quiver with the HyperModel since it has a better wind range.

SuperModel HTF2 LW

The light wind version of the HTF2 comes in 14m and 16m sizes, but it's not just an upscaled version of its little brothers. It's also got the extra bridle attachments to help keep it stable and more responsive, but the leading edge uses the Flexlite material on the whole thing to get that weight down as much as possible and increase torsion over the entire kite so it's as maneuverable as possible.

Which Kite Would the Crew Choose?

Dustin likes the upgrades on the SuperModel HTF2. He's on a budget, so the HTF2 is going to give him the best bang for his buck. That said, if he had the money and was traveling, he'd go with a 2-kite HyperModel quiver.

Jake agrees. The SuperModel HTF2 is a great kite, and the advantages of the HyperModel aren't going to matter to most riders. But for those who can benefit from the performance differences, the HyperModel is a great option. As in any sport, you can always spend more to get top-end performance.

Hyper vs. Super

The HyperModel drives a bit more forward in the wind window. While the SuperModel doesn't sit much further back, it's not quite as far forward as the HyperModel.

The HyperModel has medium to light bar pressure, while the SuperModel's bar pressure is a bit more grunty with medium pressure.

Color, of course, is a matter of preference, but that gold leading edge on the HyperModel is certainly eye-catching. But the guys both agree that the Space Lavender SuperModel is hard to beat and an instant icon.

The HyperModel, of course, is more expensive than the SuperModel HTF2, which is itself about $300 more than the old HTF. However, the HTF2 is still a great value compared to other brands, thanks to its upgrades for 2024.

There's a $1200 difference between the HyperModel and SuperModel. If you go with a 2-kite quiver instead of 3, that helps a bit, but it's probably still not worth it for most riders since the HTF2 is such a great kite already. But the guys agree that if you do have the money, you'll enjoy the performance upgrade, and it'll especially pay off with the space savings while traveling.


Ultimately, you'll have to decide for yourself which kite is best for you as a rider and for your budget. Either one will knock your socks off and leave you stoked. You're probably going to get 80 or 90 percent of the performance out of the SuperModel, especially with all its upgrades for this year. They're great all-around kites that are simply a joy to ride.

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7th Jun 2024 Dustin Chrysler & Jake Mitchell

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