2021 Duotone Dice Review

2021 Duotone Dice Review

A ride and review of the 2021 Duotone Dice by Jake Mitchell. The team is keen on getting more reviews out with different perspectives. We'd like to make these videos as informative and useful as possible, so please let us know what you would like to know in the YouTube comments section of the video!

To kick off the review, I have to comment on the colors and graphics. I know this has nothing to do with performance but I've been a big fan of the Dice since 2015 and the new colors remind me of Duotone's roots when I first got on the gear. The purple is just awesome. Moving on to performance, in spite of some changes, the Dice felt like an old friend. They did modify the wingtips and the bridles. The first thing you would notice is the bridles are now incredibly thin. This is Duotone taking advantage of their new line material.

A common thing we've noticed with new Duotone riders is related to the dump valve and the inflation system. First, people always forget to seal off the dump valve on the wing tip. Second, the inflation valve is prone to twisting open while pumping and you might hear some air leaking out. Don't fret, just twist it back and keep pumping.

The Dice is marketed as a freestyle wave kite but I really like it as a freestyle kite. With the new changes, it's supposed to jump a bit better and it did seem to have a small boost in that direction. What I did notice is that it maintained its freestyle performance. Medium to light bar pressure with perfect feedback, meaning you will always know where your kite is in the sky.

This kite loves to loop out of tricks. Downloops, kiteloops redirection. This kite loves to move! It's also exceptional for unhooked freestyle. The pop and slack is near perfection in my opinion.

The Dice has always been good in that arena. For the experienced freerider, the Dice is an underrated gem. You do have to work the kite as you can not set it and forget it.

You must generate apparent wind with this kite. You have to really move it to ride. While you have to put more into the kite, you get more out of it.

The weakness in the Dice lies with new riders or anyone who doesn't want to work their kite. If you want an automatic set-it-and-forget-it feel, look elsewhere.

If you just want to cruise and jump, the Dice might not be the right kite for you. Maybe look to the Evo or the Rebel.

As for the waves, I don't care too much for the Dice. It is designed for them but again, it's aimed at the more active kite flyer. If you want a set-it-and-forget-it drifting true surf experience, the Neo, the Roam or the Drifter are going to be better. The Dice does perform well if you are riding anything but onshore conditions. Just remember that you will have to work the kite.

To sum up, the Dice doesn't feel much different. It has its place in the lineup and the new improvements will help with jumping and longevity on the bridle.

This is aimed at experienced riders and freestylers who want a high performance kite that requires a high performance rider.

 Jake Mitchell

If you want something done right, Jake M is the guy to talk to. Knowledgeable, well-spoken, and affable, he's sure to not only get you on the right gear, but make you feel good about your purchase. With humble origins, Jake M is not only a man of the people, but for the people.

5th Oct 2020 Jake M

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