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Basic Grabs - Mute and Nose | "Ride With Blake"

Posted by Blake Olsen on

Breakdown for two really fun pop grabs that every kiteboarder needs to know: The Mute Grab and the Nose Grab. These are simple grabs that are easily improved and tweaked out as you progress.

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We're going to keep these short and sweet. Use these steps to visualize the trick in your mind. If you can see it, you can do it!

Printable Steps for the Beach

Tips for getting started:

Use your thumb for more control on the bar when riding one handed.

Practice the mechanics of your grabs with your board stationary (in the sand or on a rug at home)

Know your center of gravity.

  • Stay low
  • Get small
  • Crouch, don't bend.
  • Bring your knees up!

The Mute Grab

This grab is very similar to the Indy except that you are grabbing with your front hand instead of your back hand.

Remove your front hand from the bar, bend your knees and reach down between your legs.  Grab the board between your feet on the toe-side.

The Nose Grab

Bring your front knee to your chest and work on semi straightening your back leg,  This will slightly tweak the board and help bring the nose of the board closer to your reaching arm.  Grab the nose of your board with your front hand.

Tip: Practice NOT pulling down on the bar as you are reaching down. Bend those knees!

Blake's Gear Picks

Many of you have been asking about my 2018 Gear picks so I'm going to include a few links.


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Blake Olsen

A Michigan boy through and through (even though he was born in Saudi Arabia), Blake is a youth with a lifetime of experiences and adventures. Not only that, he's passionate about sharing his zest for life with others. He is proficient at many fields, including kiteboarding and acting as concierge to any who simply ask. Looking for an adventure? Well, Blake is your guy. From sailing the Gulf and the Caribbean to backpacking Hawaii and Southeast Asia, he knows his stuff and can make your vacation into an adventure.

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