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Ride Engine

Kiteboarding harness designs have been based off of windsurfing harnesses since the sport began. Needless to say, the sports are different. One Coleman Buckley, a Stanford biology major and major waterman decided he wanted a kite-specific harness and began to create his own. After endless ideas and assistance from the local and professional kiting community, the origin of the Ride Engine harness as we know it today was born. Called the Armor harness, it incorporated a hard shell catered to fitting the torso of the rider in order to best maintain position, protection, and comfort for kiteboarding as opposed to just piggybacking off of the windsurf design.

This was more successful than initially expected, and Buckley couldn’t keep up. He reached out to 7 Nation who jumped on the opportunity, giving him all of the resources he needed to design and distribute with ease. The Armor harness has been brought to you today and has been received with incredible acclaim from the kiteboarding community. Aimed at those who are looking for a higher-end harness that will allow them to kite to their true potential, these have customizable options such as either a carbon slider spreader bar or the metal fixed hook spreader bar. Several different styles, such as the Carbon Katana Elite harness and the Odyssey Pro harness, showcase the versatility as well as the aesthetic value of the Ride Engine brand. Here at MACkite, we’ve loved everything we’ve ridden from this product. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through all of the options and get you hooked up with the harness that’s right for you.