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Cabrinha Kites


Cabrinha Kiteboarding

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Cabrinha Kites is currently one of the leading brands of kitesurfing gear in the world. They sell kiteboarding kites in 40 different countries throughout the world. Legendary waterman Pete Cabrinha teamed up with Neil Pryde of the Pryde Group to begin producing a full line of kite surfing gear in the year 2000.

Cabrinha Kites has always been open to new changes in style, technology and pushing the limits of the sport of kiteboarding to wherever it may go. With Cabrinha's R&D facility in Hawaii and the Pryde Group's state of the art manufacturing plant in Hong Kong, the crew at Cabrinha has developed the best and safest kiteboarding gear on the market today.

Cabrinha slowly rose up the ranks of the kiteboarding industry with classic kiteboarding kites like the Nitro and CO2. In 2005 Pete Cabrinha made the hard decision to leave classic kiteboarding design behind and go 100% in on "bow kite" technology. This was a pretty risky move to choose safety over performance. Cabrinha launched the Crossbow in the fall of 2005 to mixed reviews. Serious kiteboarders did not like the new kite very well. New riders went absolutely crazy for the massive depower and super easy re-launch. While the old guard was grumbling, Cabrinha Kites began to convert the masses. Soon performance of the bridle kite caught up and surpassed that of the classic "C" kite and as they say - the rest is history.

By the end of 2006, most major brands had jumped on the bandwagon and released a "bow kite". Cabrinha had now developed the Switchblade to go with the Crossbow. MACkiteboarding was promoting the Switchblade with smashing success.

Cabrinha Kites continues its amazing developments to this day. They released the IDS safety release system in 2010 to rave reviews. Their center line sleeve is the industry standard. Plug and play is probably the best thing about Cabrinha Kites. Every kiteboarding kite is almost perfect straight out of the bag.

For the 2013 season, Cabrinha Kites has purchased a board factory and really ramped up their new lineup of boards with the Xcaliber, Tronic, Spectrum, Custom, the ladies' XO, and Stylus light wind kiteboard.

The 2013 Cabrinha Kites kiteboarding lineup consists of the LW Crossbow (light weight), the revamped Switchblade, Vector and new "C" shaped Chaos. Watch for the new Cabrinha Kites Velocity race kite to be released soon. The Velocity is an officially approved race kite for all IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) races.

Cabrinha kites are known throughout the kiteboarding community for their durable construction, huge depower range, user-friendly interface, and the Cabrinha IDS safety system. These features make Cabrinha kites ideal for novices to intermediate and advanced kiteboarders alike. Through years of tweaking and fine-tuning, the IDS system is lauded by many as the most advanced safety system in the industry, effectively functioning like a quasi-fifth line system that provides not only enormous depower but that predictability that becomes crucial in high-wind conditions.

2013 has seen the introduction of the Sprint inflation system, significantly reducing the amount of time required for pumping up your kite, meaning you spend less time on the beach and more time on the water. If you finding yourself sloughing around on the water and haven’t flown a Cabrinha kite before, do yourself a favor and call us at the shop. With a huge amount of Cabrinha product in stock, we’re happy to help you find the right gear, and make the most of your kiteboarding experience.

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