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Hydrofoil Friendly Kites

A hydrofoil kite is the companion to your foilboard. It's going to get you going during your session - just like how a fresh cup of coffee will give you that "jolt" to get you to the 9 to 5. This category gives recognition to the kites that serve as a lightwind kite while still being able to rip, and can even be used for snowkiting. So why do we use these kites with our hydrofoil kiteboards? We find that the strutless kites featured here are able to provide an amazing drive upwind while maintaining a quick speed; the kite itself is constructed to allow us to ride in lower winds, making our sessions more accessible. Also, hydrofoil-friendly kites are great for beginners since it is a smoother transition to flying from your trainer (which is also strutless) to your full-sized kite.

For properly windy days, our staff unanimously agrees that surf kites are the only choice. Surf kites allow downwind drift for easy swell riding and downwind performance as well as easy readjustments of the kite's position without being ripped off your board. The real favorites are the Cabrinha Drifter and North Neo for these conditions.