Reedin SuperModel V3 Kiteboarding Kite

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  • 2022 Reedin SuperModel V3 Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2022 Reedin SuperModel V3 Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2022 Reedin SuperModel V3 Kiteboarding Kite
  • 2022 Reedin SuperModel V3 Kiteboarding Kite
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Reedin SuperModel v3 Kite

Decide how you ride

Sizes: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 14m

From Reedin

SuperModel feels like an extension of your body. you always feel where the Kite is and what it's doing. That means you can have the most fun on the water nd just focus on your tricks, the waves, or whatever the ocean decides to throw at you.

The way the kite turns and flies makes it extremely versatile. It gives huge lift to jump super high and just go massive. If the swell picks up you can grab a surf board and ride any kind of waves. Flat water? go for an unhooked freestyle session or light wind foiling.


  • Arc Stiffener + WingTip tensioner Leading Edge seam - Quality in the center while also adding vertical tension in the WingTip. This new design allowed us to reduce the Leading Edge diameter even further for a kite that flies, faster, reacts quicker to bar input and points further upwind.
  • Super stiff bridles - Bridles are using pure dyneema lines weaved at low angle and pre-stretched to the highest standard for virtually no stretch over time: this translates into a kite that reacts quicker to bar input and that will keep its characteristics over time
  • CNC sewing - Manufacturing quality has been a huge part of the process to develop the Reedin kites, in order to ensure the best quality possible, a lot of pieces on the kite are stitched using CNC sewing machine.
  • Super segmented Wingtip - The wing tip area is a key element of how a kite turns and engages the turns. Added segments in this area allow for the perfect shape definition of the wingtip. The super segmented wing tip provides the smoothest turning engagement of any kite for maximum efficiency of your steering power. Giving you extremely precise, fast, yet intuitive turning.
  • High Density Triple Rip Stop Canopy Made by Teijin - The high density of Yarn per square meter makes this canopy one of the stiffest and strongest on the market for the most reactive and best performing kite

Package Includes

  • Kite
  • Kite Carry Bag
  • Control Bar and Pump Sold Separately





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