Wing Foiling Northern Michigan

Wing Foiling Northern Michigan

What's up, guys? I'm Rygo.

I'm Kristen.

And we're back in Michigan. We've been on tour in the RV for a while now, and then we've been kiting down south in West Michigan, getting so many good freestyle sessions. We've had the most ridiculously smooth south winds here, like 16.7 to 17.7, just perfect big kite freestyle. We've got some stronger days lining up, but about three hours north in northwest Michigan. It's kind of like going to another world up there.

Yeah, the water up there is beautiful. It's like you're in the Caribbean; the water is so clean and pristine, you never would have guessed it's in Michigan. It is colder up there, but it's worth it for how beautiful the water is.

Yeah, I'm guessing the water temps are probably in the 50s, maybe the 60s, but the air should be in the mid-70s, so it's definitely doable with a good wetsuit. The water quality is like three shades of blue, there's massive forest and sand dunes that line the coast, and I'm just super excited to share this with you. I think what we're going to do is get our wing game on and try to level up there. We've got some driving ahead of us, so we'll see you Up North!

Welcome to northern Michigan. It's super windy today, super choppy. We've got some waves out here, but I'm feeling good. I'm feeling ready to wing. How are you feeling about this, Kristen? Let's go!

The water clarity here is insane. It's so blue. It's like paradise. So what do you think, Kristen? How'd that go for you?

Dude, it's so much fun out here. Once you finally start getting up on foil, it's a game-changer. You go from slogging on the water, not having very much fun, to being like, "All right, I get this. It's fun!" Yeah, sick day.

This is incredible. I can't believe we're getting up in the chop!

20th Jul 2022 RyGo, Kristen Cooper

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