Wing Foiling | How to Attach Your Harness Line to Your Boom

Wing Foiling | How to Attach Your Harness Line to Your Boom

A lot of wing riders appreciate a boom for the fine control it gives you over the wing. But how do you attach a harness line to it so that it's secure?

1. One end of your harness line has a loop. Push the line through that loop to create an adjustable loop.

2. Slide your new loop over one end of the boom and into the position where you want it and tighten it up.

3. Take your small connector piece and create a loop with it by pushing the end with the black tab through the loop at the other end.

4. Slide the connector piece onto the boom and into place. Tighten it up.

5. Take the loose end of the harness line and slide it through the small loop at the end of the conenctor piece with the black tab.

6. Tie a simple overhand knot in the end of the harness line after it's through the connector piece. Make sure it's nice and tight so it doesn't come undone and slide out while you're riding.

7. Check that all your loops are nice and snug and that the harness line is the right length for you, and you're ready to go rip!

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