Will the Mystic Stealth Bar Work For Women

Will the Mystic Stealth Bar Work For Women

Hardshell harnesses have helped a lot of people by preventing the harness from riding up or twisting into your ribs. They work for some, but not for everyone- especially the ladies! When I first tried them, I found them to be too rigid and I wasn't sold.

That's when I can across the Mystic Gem. It had the right amount of stiffness and flex. It was much more comfortable and most of the time it did not ride up on me. Us ladies do have more curves and it's really easy for a harness to ride up into our ribs. The Gem prevented this most of the time.

Before I got my Stealth

With the clicker bar, my only real issue was getting the harness tight enough to work. Trying to tighten the straps could be difficult and annoying. As long as I had the harness tight enough, there were no issues. If I forgot, it could start to ride up on me again.

I picked up the Stealth spreader bar, and it's made that much more of a difference. Aside from the wings that prevent any twisting, the clamp system allows me to get the harness fairly tight, and when I clamp it down it gets extra snug. Keeping a tight fit every time makes all the difference for me. It might make a difference for you too!

Everyone is shaped different, so it's always best to try on a harness first. If your current harness mostly works but you struggle to get it tight enough, give the the Stealth bar a try and see if it works for you.

Kristen Cooper

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12th Jan 2021 Kristen Cooper

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