Slingshot Hover Glide Quantum Carbon 100 Pump Wing

Slingshot Hover Glide Quantum Carbon 100 Pump Wing

What's up guys? This is Colin and Ryan from MACkiteboarding, and today we're going to be talking about the Quantum front wing by Slingshot Foils.

We took it out a couple of days ago and want to give you guys our first impressions of it. What riding styles are great, and who might this wing be good for?

I thought this wing was a great wing to pump with. This wing is not going to hold you back from pumping further. It weighs awesomely with a high aspect ratio and wider wingspan. However, it is more difficult to turn, so it is a wing that you will be steering with your hips, not your toes and heels.

One major difference between the quantum and a foil like the Infinity series is that you want to focus on pointing your hip where you want to turn compared to the gamma or the Infinity 76, where you're going to lean into your turns with your shoulders.

With this quantum front wing, you need to point that hip in the direction you want to go, keeping the foil nice, stable, and flat rather than going side to side more like a surfing-style turn. You're not going to find a surfing-style turn on this front wing.

You will get more lift from a large wingspan like the quantum, especially from the front wing. Since the wing is flat, all of your drives will be straight up, and once you start having curves in the wing, the curvature will lead to lift that is not necessarily in the upwards direction; therefore, it's not efficient for pumping. Those are some reasons why the quantum wing is so good for pumping.

One thing that I loved about the wing is that it had a pretty decent low end, so it got out of the water nice and early . I didn't need to go a million miles per hour to stay up on foil pumping, which is nice because, for some foils, you have to use a lot of energy just to keep pumping. This wing had a good balance. I felt you could do a medium cadence with it without issues.

Medium cadence is a great spot for people learning how to pump . You don't have to pump super-fast or super slow. The medium cadence comes a little more naturally for people like me who cannot pump for five minutes. I can use it for practice and to become more efficient with pumping.

This quantum wing is a great all-around wing for a low-aspect foil. Personally, I would rather have something efficient in a glide that allows me to pump because I have fun riding in a wake, getting out of the wake, and coming back to it. This wing will do that for me.

If you're looking to do more curvy turns and more surf style, definitely don't look into this wing. This wing is really for pumping. I was initially skeptical when slingshot said they're coming out with a wing designated for pumping. Amazingly, this wing impressed me. It is fun.

So, who would want to ride this wing? If you already have a slingshot foil, the quantum wing is fully compatible with your setup. You could buy this front wing and start riding. We’ve tested these wings with both the 42 and 48 stabilizers, and both pumped great. Whatever stabilizer you got, this wing will work with it.

This wing is for anyone that's looking to get into pumping . If you’re already proficiently riding that first or second wave and want to go around the boat, definitely move towards this wing, especially if you don't want to get off your slingshot foil. This wing will unlock your pumping and every maneuver that comes with it.

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1st Nov 2022 Ryan Hooker

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