Kite Girl's First Kite Low Back to Revert

Kite Girl's First Kite Low Back to Revert

The Back to Revert, aka Backroll to Toeside, is actually a very natural and easy trick. In this video, we'll break down how to do this powered with the kite low, so no sending the kite to noon. It will stay at 45 degrees and you will use board speed and edging to load the lines.

This is the same loading technique as an unhooked freestyle trick

Keep the kite at 45 and come in with good speed. Come off your edge and quickly ride downwind to go even faster. Now lean back like you are sitting in a chair with good posture. Edge quickly upwind and scoop the board out of the water.

Look over your front shoulder and release the edge late

At the same time, look over your front shoulder. Release the edge of your kiteboard late so that you have completed the first part of the roll before even leaving the water. The kite will pop you off the water. Keep looking over your shoulder and swing your hips into the rotation. As you come around, twist your back hip and the tail of the board downwind towards the kite. Land slightly on your toeside edge riding downwind.

After the backroll, swing your back hip downwind

It helps to split the bar with your front hand on this one so that you don't accidentally send the kite up. This one is a lot easier than you think. The pop with the late release will naturally pop you into toeside. For added style, pull a downloop and use this as a transition!

Kristen Cooper

MACkite team rider, social media manager, and fitness junky. Kristen is an avid kiteboarder, cable boarder, and outdoor enthusiast. She's the kind of person who would prefer to spend her days outside on the water and her nights in front of a campfire with her dog. No stranger to living an active outdoor lifestyle, you're just as likely to find her pushing heavy weights in the squat rack as you would find her taking photos or videos for our team. Her mission is to travel as much as possible, spread joy and positivity with everyone, and to just get outside.

9th Feb 2021 Kristen Cooper

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