How To Size Your Ride Engine Harness | A Quick Guide

How To Size Your Ride Engine Harness | A Quick Guide

With the amount of harness and spreader bar combinations, getting the right size Ride Engine can feel daunting. The good news is when you nail it, you get a precise, comfortable fit that translates to more time on the water. As a general rule, the size chart below gets you 80% of the way there. Here are a few sizing tips from the hundreds of Ride Engine harnesses we've sold over the years.

What's Your Body Type?

Consider your body shape. Leaner bodies are best represented by the above chart. If you carry some extra weight in your waist/stomach, we recommend sizing up. If this weight fluctuates, size up the spreader bar. If it's here to stay, size up the harness.

Will You Be Wearing a Wetsuit?

Will you be wearing layers? If you spend most of your season in a wetsuit, you may want to size up your spreader bar. You can always purchase two and swap between seasons.

Are Your Ribs Sore?

If you have rib pain, consider sizing up or going with one of Ride Engine's more flexible harnesses (soft shell). Definitely add the Mega Spreader Bar Pad, which surrounds the spreader bar with additional foam.

Snug is Key

If you're coming from an older harness or soft shell, the fit might not be what you expect when you first put it on. Hard shell harnesses lock into you lumbar for greater support and less movement. This might feel higher and tighter than you're used to, but that locked-in fit results in less movement. That means less adjusting, fatigue and discomfort that directly translates to a more enjoyable, and sometimes longer, time on the water.

Ensure a Proper Fit

If you're still on the fence, we recommend you order two harnesses and spreader bars and return the combo that doesn't work. You wouldn't walk around in a pair of ill-fitting shoes all day and not expect discomfort - your kiteboarding harness is no exception.

5th Feb 2024 Jake Mitchell

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