How I Found My Mojo With the Flysurfer MOJO Wing

How I Found My Mojo With the Flysurfer MOJO Wing

The  Flysurfer Mojo Wing is FlySurfer’s first wing, and man—they knocked it out of the park. I used a 5.2m wing in conditions varying from 10 knots to 35. Flatwater and surf.

The first thing to talk about is the colors. I am personally a big fan of the blue with the orange accents. It is a sexy look, and identifiable from a long distance. Flysurfer has always done well with the colors. Your friends and family will instantly know which wing is you.

The next would be the windows. I found that these windows are actually in the perfect location, and with the small gaps in the windows you can still fold up your sandy wing at the end of the session.

The power delivery on the MOJO is very smooth, pushing the limits for light wind riding and providing super easy and efficient pumping. It may not be the most efficient, but it is very close.

The bumped handles on the wing allow for small adjustments in positioning. This is especially nice for the really light or really windy days. The wing also features two side handles on the leading edge allowing for easy flipping of the wing in the water. It also has a center handle on the strut, giving extra control when standing up. It is very nice for the tacks and jibes when you cannot reach the back handle.

The MOJO is definitely not the lightest feeling wing on the market, but it makes up for it in stability and balance. Holding onto the leading edge in the surf, I have never had the MOJO flip over on me. This wing is a beast in the waves, definitely one of the best.

The MOJO uses the standard SUP style adaptor for inflation and one comes with the wing. (FYI, the free adapter does not fit on cabrinha pumps, or one of that style. The PKS v2 universal sup adapter will work for wmfg pumps)

The wing comes with a very premium bag, and a very nice wrist leash. The leash does fit a bit small so if you have large wrists I would recommend getting a bigger wrist leash by F-One or Ozone.

The wing also has standard harness line attachment points that the F-One and Ozone would work with. The handles also work very well to attach the harness line to.

I have been stoked on the MOJO, and I’m sure you will too!

Written By: Noah Wolters | Photo Credit: David Wolters

5th May 2021 Noah Wolters

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