Foil Fridays - Cabrinha Varial and Carve Hydrofoil Overview and Comparison

Foil Fridays - Cabrinha Varial and Carve Hydrofoil Overview and Comparison

Expanding the line-up

We have been waiting for Cabrinha to add some surfy foils to their program for some time. The new Cabrinha Carve and Cabrinha Varial Medium and Large foils have finally delivered. These wings expand Cabrinha's hydrofoil program to help those riders looking for easy progression, light wind performance, and support for a slower, surfy style ride. Let's start with the platform for these surf foils and go into the differences between the wings.

Some highlights for the Cabrinha surf platform include a retro-compatible mast, multiple board mounting options, more supportive fuselage, adjustable fuselage length, and easy assembly wing graphics. Retro-compatible means that the Cabrinha Carve and Varial surf masts are compatible with older masts back to 2018. The Cabrinha surf hydrofoil fuselage is wider in the leading point to help support those larger wings, so it will not be compatible with older models or Speed or Lift fuselages.

Adjustable rear wings 

Rear Wing Adjustability

Lastly, the rear wing has three mounting positions on the mast to help adjust your fuselage's effective length. This helps you to fine tune the foil's maneuverability.

  • Furthest back is the most stable
  • The middle is standard
  • Furthest forward will be most maneuverable

These settings give a significant difference in the way the hydrofoil reacts. A neat feature of the wings is the screw reference gauge next to each hole. This helps ensure you are using the correct screws to avoid damage or loss of your wings.

The stabilizers, or rear wings, are the same across the entire surf line. That is a good thing because you can build a wing quiver with simple front wing additions. The efficient stabilizer has a good amount of anhedral curve, which adds slow speed stability that inspires progression and confidence.

What else is included?

Also included are the Cabrinha Surf wing covers and travel case. This is a real benefit and has a value of over $150 if you had to buy it a-la-carte. The custom fit covers are thick and durable with two-piece design. The Cabrinha Foil Case has custom cut foam to help protect your investment during travel or storage.

Cabrinha surf front wings 

The Front Wings


The 2020 Cabrinha Carve hydrofoil is the most playful foil in the new surf lineup. It will be a huge asset for lightweight to moderate weight beginners and double as a perfect light-wind option. For moderate to heavy riders, this foil is quick rail-to-rail while retaining early lift, which makes it a good option for small wave shredding on moderately powered kites.

The thick, low-aspect design provides early lift and maneuverability, however, it lacks the top speed that some riders will desire for larger waves and higher speed riding. Because of this, it pairs nicely with the Cabrinha Hi-Rise Speed wings and fuselage for a complete quiver.

Varial Medium & Large

Compared to the Carve wing, the Varial wings are higher aspect and thinner. As a result, they have a larger speed range, a more mellow acceleration, and added stability. We are a huge fan of this design. Moderate to heavy riders will be rejoicing due to its easy accessibility, efficiency, and range of use.

At 200 lbs, I really enjoy the Medium and a do-it-all freeride/wave wing. It glides well, maneuvers intuitively, and provides enough top speed to excite and beat those tough sections. The Medium works well for average-sized riders in lightly to moderately powered situations; the Large will do the same for heavier riders. These wings also fare well for wakefoiling fun behind the boat.

After riding these foils for a few weeks, I can tell you that they are well built. I have had no problems with the construction or design. The included covers are top notch, as is the travel bag. It is a great foil, especially for the price. Just bolt it together and go have fun.

We will be updating our blog next week to include a comparison of these wings. Check back next Friday for the companion video.

As with any question, feel free to reach out to us via 800.622.4655, email, or live chat for a recommendation to meet your specific needs. We are here to help!

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