Foil Drive Tips | Which is the Best Hydrofoil Front Wing for Me?

Foil Drive Tips | Which is the Best Hydrofoil Front Wing for Me?

Are you using the best front wing for your Foil Drive setup? It's hard to generalize wing recommendations with so many skill levels and sizes of riders, but we've developed a pretty good understanding of what works for riders 200lbs or less on a board around 5 feet in length and 50 to 90L of volume, and Cole is going to share that here.

Wings Under 1000 cm2

A wing smaller than 1,000 cm2 is going to be very difficult to get up on foil because of how fast you'll need to be going to get enough lift. You'll need a wave, a paddle, or a wing with decent wind to get up and ride.

Wings Up To 1200 cm2

At 1,000 to 1,200 cm2, you may be able to get up and eFoil with your Foil Drive if you have a wake, a wave, a paddle, or a wing with some wind. It's still going to be a little bit tricky, and you'll probably need a bit more of an assist from your Foil Drive, but it will be easier than something like an 850 cm2.

Wings Over 1200 cm2

Once you get a front wing over 1200 cm2 and a big enough board, you'll have a pretty good chance of being able to eFoil on your Foil Drive. You won't need to go as fast to get up on foil.

Which Aspect Ratio is Best?

Of course, aspect ratio does play a role in your front wing decision. A higher aspect wing (long and narrow) glides better because it's more efficient, which will make your Foil Drive more efficient once you're up on foil. However, a medium aspect wing will be able to get you up and off the water at a lower speed, though it won't be as efficient once you're up.

What does this mean for your Foil Drive? The battery will last longer with the efficiency of a higher aspect wing. If you're not having trouble getting up on foil, this might be a good choice for you. However, a medium aspect wing won't require you to generate as much speed with your Foil Drive in order to lift off.

This is just a quick overview of which wings will work with your Foil Drive, so if you have any other questions or would like a personal recommendation, feel free to contact us via phone, email or live chat. Until next time, happy shredding!

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