Foil Drive | How to Mount Your Mast in the Best Spot

Foil Drive | How to Mount Your Mast in the Best Spot

Does having a Foil Drive make a difference on where the mast should be positioned in the track for the best experience when prone or flat water foiling? It does, and finding the best spot may be easier than you think.

The short answer is to mount your Foil Drive all the way to the back of the track. It may seem like the weight being all the way in the back is going pull that end down and lift the nose too much, but more important than weight here is leverage.

By moving the pivot point as far back as possible, you'll have more leverage at the nose to push it down and get your board on a level plane when cruising with a Foil Drive. If the Foil Drive unit is too far forward, you won't be able to do that.

Now, if you're on a downwinder or SUP board, you may need to move the Foil Drive unit forward a bit since you've got plenty of board forward of the pivot point. The tip to move it all the way back applies mainly to flat water and prone foilboards.

Of course, every rider is different, so feel free to play around with the placement of your mast with a Foil Drive until you find the spot that's most comfortable for you.

If you have any questions or want personalized advice, feel free to live chat us, email us, or call us. Until next time, this has been Cole from MACkite. Happy shredding, and we hope you are enjoying your Foil Drive Journey.

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