Foil Drive Gen 2 Assist MAX and Assist Slim Overview

Foil Drive Gen 2 Assist MAX and Assist Slim Overview

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Join Pat from MACkite as he unveils the cutting-edge Foil Drive Gen 2 Assist, a monumental upgrade to the foil assist system that's set to transform your foiling experience. Pat explores the Foil Drive V2 Assist, showcasing not just one, but two innovative models - the Foil Drive Assist Slim and the Foil Drive Assist MAX. These variants cater to different needs, offering varying thicknesses and power capacities to suit every rider's style.

Foil Drive is keeping the old Foil Drive Assist in the lineup at the original price point. The main difference between the old and new systems are the mounting points. The new system mounts directly to your foil track box under your board, eliminating all the wires that were previously going on top of your board. You no longer have to mount your battery to the top of your board or run a Bluetooth wire to the top of your board. Now everything is housed in a little pod that mounts directly to your foil track system, and your mast will mount directly to that. Your motor will mount on your mast, just as it would previously.

For the most part, the system is staying the same. You're going to use the same remote that you used in the last generation, and the pods are going to be interchangeable from the previous generation to this new system.

That being said, the new overhaul is quite nice. You no longer have all the bulky stuff, and you don't have to mount the battery to the top of your board anymore. There are no more wires running down around the side of your board to the mast. Everything is housed really nicely and neatly in that little pod that mounts directly to the track system of your board.

If you have not seen the Foil Drive or were wondering what it is or who it's for, it's an eFoil assist item. It's not a true eFoil, and that's the big thing I want to get across here. It's not something you're going to strap onto your wingboard and go out and rip on like an eFoil. The batteries just aren't meant for that and they don't last that long when you do that. It's really an assist to give you that little extra boost to bump you into that wave you're trying to paddle into when you're stand up paddle foiling. It gives you a bit of an extra boost while you're winging in super light winds. It's an item you can use to tow yourself out if you're on an inland lake with a wind line. It's really there to assist you in your foiling, not a true eFoil.

The two models that are launching right now are the Foil Drive Assist MAX with the max power battery. That's going to be your longest range item. The other one's the Foil Drive Assist Slim with the slim battery, and that's their lowest profile mounting point. It gives you the least amount of drag from the system, but it's also going to have the least amount of run time in the system, depending on how you're using the battery.

Check them out, and if you have any questions, let us know!

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3rd Nov 2023 Pat Taylor

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