Foil Drive | 5 Ways it Will Help You Learn to Prone Foil

Foil Drive | 5 Ways it Will Help You Learn to Prone Foil

Can Foil Drive help you learn how to prone foil? Absolutely! Here are the top reasons why.

1. You'll Catch More Waves

When you have a Foil Drive, it's easier to get to the waves and catch up with them. You'll even find you can chase down those sets that you see coming in on the horizon.

2. You'll Have More Energy

On top of that, you'll stay fresher and be able to session longer without the workout from paddling.

3. You'll Spend More Time on Foil

The hardest part about prone foiling is popping up onto your board, and you'll get more reps with a Foil Drive. Practice makes perfect!

4. You Can Practice in Flat Water

To get up onto your feet with a Foil Drive, you have to do the prone foiling surf pop-up. Forget the waves and go out into a flat water lake, the shadow of a jetty, or anywhere there's flat water. It'll be so much easier to learn how to pop up when you take out the factor of rough water. This is going to help you nail your pop-ups when you get out into the waves on your Foil Drive, or even when you prone foil without your Foil Drive.

5. You'll Be a Better Foiler

Even when you're just cruising around on your Foil Drive, you're helping your foil skills improve. The more time you spend on foil, the more experience you're going to have, meaning the better foiler you're going to be.

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