Duotone Evo at a Glance

This video and blog are meant to give you perspective and to help you decide if the Evo is the right kite for you. 

What kind of kite is the Duotone Evo? 

The Evo is a true modern All Around kite. I'ts meant to please everyone and it does a good job of it. It’s easy to use, and you’re just as likely to see someone teaching on this kite as you are to see someone riding on a completion level for big air. Fast, playful and fun is a good way to describe the traits of this kite.  

Who’s this kite for

Someone who wants a kite that is easy to use but fast and performance minded. 

  • User friendly
  • Jumps with little effort from the rider
  • Pulls up wind relentlessly
  • Easy to do hooked in tricks
  • Friendly in gusty winds

Who’s might not want this kite

Advanced kitesurfer who want to focus on Foiling, Wavesor Unhooked freestyle. There are performance options in these categories as well. For waves and foil, check out the Neo For Unhooked riding or advanced freestyle and kite loops check out the DICE. Pro Professional level Freestyle the Vegas is the best option.

11th Jan 2021 Rygo

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