Choosing the Best | Overview of the 2024 North Kite Surfboards Line

Choosing the Best | Overview of the 2024 North Kite Surfboards Line

2024 North Charge Pro

Performance Surf | 2024 North Charge Pro

Design Philosophy: The Charge Pro is crafted for riders aiming for peak performance in prime wave conditions. It thrives in down-the-line riding and handles big surf with finesse, offering a high-performance ride for those truly wanting to charge.

Key Features:

  • Rocker and Outline: The forward part of the board ensures drive and speed, while the curve through the tail allows tight turning, enabling the board to generate speed off the bottom and into the lip for top turns.
  • Thruster Setup: This setup is optimal for a vertical attack in surfing. The single tail fin lets the board move vertically up the face, and with less area, it releases off the top, allowing the board to slide the tail as it hits the lip and turns back down the wave face.
  • FutureLite Technology: This technology combines carbon and Innegra fabric in a woven form. It provides a stiff wireframe, structural reinforcement, and backbone, ensuring dynamic flex and a lively feel.
  • EVA Deck Pad: The full-size deck pad offers maximum traction, featuring a toe bump in the front and dual shock insets for durability.
  • Sizes: 5'5", 5'7", 5'9", and 5'11".

2024 North Cross

Freeride Surf | 2024 North Cross

Design Philosophy: The Cross is an all-rounder, perfect for wave riding, flat or choppy water blasting, and strapless freestyle.

Key Features:

  • Rocker and Bottom Shape: A flat rocker combined with a deep V channel in the bottom ensures speed, chop absorption, and soft landings.
  • Rail and Fin Setup: The low rail ensures grip and responsiveness. The board also offers both thruster and quad fin options for adaptability.
  • EcoLite Construction: This construction uses traditional surfboard laminates with an EPS core and bamboo layers, ensuring durability and lightness.
  • Sizes: 5'1", 5'3", and 5'5".

2024 North Comp Pro

Strapless Freestyle | 2024 North Comp Pro

Design Philosophy: The Comp Pro is a no-compromise strapless freestyle board, designed for those pushing the limits.

Key Features:

  • Design: The board's thinness ensures a thin rail for grip and pop. A recessed deck offers a strong connection, and a deep V double channel cushions landings.
  • DynaLite Construction: This construction combines a PVC core with a carbon hybrid laminate, ensuring strength and lightness.
  • Sizes: 4'10", 5'0", and 5'2".


The 2024 North Kite Surfboards lineup is a testament to their commitment to innovation, performance, and rider satisfaction. Whether you're a pro rider or just starting out, there's a board in the North lineup tailored for your needs. Dive in and ride the waves with North!

21st Sep 2023 Aaron Johnson

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