2024 Reedin Supermodel HTF V2 Review | The Perfect "Desert Island" Kite?

2024 Reedin Supermodel HTF V2 Review | The Perfect "Desert Island" Kite?

Dustin from MACkite got a chance to get out on the 2024 Reedin Supermodel HTF V2. It's had some tweaks and upgrades, but do they make a difference?

What Is the Supermodel?

The Supermodel is Reedin's 3-strut do-it-all kiteboarding kite. If you like to cross over disciplines but want just one kite, this is one you should look at. You can get big air, foil, it's fast, and it even drifts so well you can ride right at it, so you'll be very happy if you like to surf in the waves. Although Dustin hasn't had enough wind to try it yet, there are even reports of guys double looping it. The medium bar pressure lets you know where the kite is at all times without becoming too fatiguing.


The Supermodel comes in 4 - 12m in the standard model. There is also a light wind model available in 14 and 16m. It's the same kite but with longer wingtips, and it also works very well for heavier riders.

Updates for 2024

Bridle System

The bridle system has been upgraded from 8 points to 12. This makes the kite feel more secure and responsive.

Reduced Weight

Kevin and Damien managed to cut about 15 percent from the weight of the kite without compromising strength. That's 450 grams on the 9m, and 550 on the 14m! The struts use ultralight but strong 90gsm Flexstrut Lite material. This all results in increased responsiveness, higher jumps, better low-end, and faster loops.


HTF stands for High Torsion Frame. The center area of the leading edge uses a very stiff Dacron to help the kite hold its shape and be more responsive. However, the outer areas use Flexlite Segments, which let the kite flex for a tighter pivot during loops.

Load Dispersion

Some stitching was added on the wingtips to help disperse the load more evenly.

New Graphics

Your buddies will be able to pick you out with the new colors and graphics.


Kevin and Damien hit it out of the park this year with the redesign. The upgrades are absolutely great and Dustin thinks it's a kite for everybody, no matter what your discipline of choice is. He's excited to spend some more time on it.

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