2024 North Code Zero Overview

2024 North Code Zero Overview

The world of kiteboarding is constantly evolving, and with the 2024 North Code Zero, we're witnessing a new era of performance. This one-strut performer is not just a kite—it's a testament to the innovation and heritage of North.

Let's dive into what makes the Code Zero a standout in the 2024 North Kiteboarding lineup.

Inspired by North's Sailing Heritage

The name "Code Zero" is borrowed from North's rich sailing legacy. In sailing, Code Zero refers to a sail designed to excel in light and shifty conditions. Similarly, the North Code Zero kite is engineered for peak performance in light air conditions. It's a nod to the brand's roots, and a promise of unmatched performance in the lightest of winds.

Performance and Design

The Code Zero is a light, nimble, and reactive single-strut performance kite. It's designed for those who crave:

  • Effortless Control: One-handed control makes it a breeze to handle.
  • Quick Turns: It's agile, ensuring you can make those quick turns when you need them.
  • Excellent Drift and Manoeuvrability: Ideal for foiling and catching those small surf waves.
  • Dynamic Steering: Feel the kite respond to every command with precision.

Construction and Materials

The kite's construction is a blend of innovation and weight-saving techniques:

  • N-Max Dacron: Used on the leading edge and strut, this material ensures stiffness and durability while being lightweight.
  • N-HTRS High Performance High Tenacity Ripstop Canopy: Ensures the kite remains intact even in challenging conditions.
  • DuraLite Seam Protectors: These protectors ensure the kite's seams remain intact, adding to its longevity.
  • Lighter Weight Bladders: These bladders are used in every size, ensuring the kite remains light without compromising on performance.

What's New in 2024?

The 2024 North Code Zero isn't just a continuation of its predecessors. It's a refined version, boasting:

  • Revised Bridle: For a more rigid feel, lighter bar pressure, and a direct steering response.
  • Improved TE Tensioning: Ensures a smoother design with efficient power delivery in all conditions.
  • New Sizes: The range now includes 6m, 8m, and 10m, in addition to the existing sizes.
  • Optimized Wingtip Angle of Attack: For smoother aerodynamics and reduced flutter.

Features at a Glance

  • Newly revised bridle for enhanced performance.
  • Sizes 3m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 14m
  • Direct steering for precise control.
  • Enhanced aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Stable and balanced design.
  • Responsive power delivery in all wind conditions.

In Conclusion

The 2024 North Code Zero is more than just a kite—it's a statement. Whether you're learning to kite or foil in light winds, or you're an experienced kiter looking for a playful and agile kite, the Code Zero promises to deliver. With its advanced features, materials, and design, it's set to redefine light wind kiteboarding.

20th Sep 2023 Aaron Johnson

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